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We meet monthly. Our meetings are free & open to the public. For more info, eMail a message to Sheila with your phone number and email address, along with a sentence or two about your interest in our chapter's topics.  Send your eMail(s) to: Sheila, at  We will send you meeting information.  

(Please be courteous & silence your cell phones.  Also, please arrive

no later than 6 pm.   We have limited seating so please RSVP, ASAP.)


(Please be courteous & silence your cell phones.  Also, please arrive no later than 6 pm.

  We have limited seating so please RSVP, ASAP.)



Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 6 PM



Nanini Library, 7300 N. Shannon Rd.



Colonel Jon Gold, US Army, Retired, Military Intelligence




World War 3 - America’s Threat from Within


It doesn’t take two combatants to fight– if only one strikes repetitively and the other does not fight back, the latter just loses! 


A determined and capable enemy has declared war against America and is methodically carrying out an a-symmetric war against us. The enemy is attacking our constitution, our citizenry, our institutions, our allies, and our very culture.


We ignorantly invited this enemy into our country; an enemy that hold beliefs that not only challenge but loathe our Constitutional republic. We invited an enemy who is taught to refuse to assimilate and to believe that it is their right and duty to attack us, and our way of life, until we are no longer the American bastion of freedom.


And sadly, I see the ignorance of many of our elected leaders who place self-interest and party over national security. 


In this presentation, you will learn what I first warned about 20 years ago in this very room: 

·     That our Republic is NOW engaged in a war of survival.

·     That we originally fought this enemy over 200 years ago for the first time - and defeated them.

·     That this war we are now in again began roughly 90 years ago.

·     That over the past 60 years, we and our leaders, appear to have been dumbed down.

·     That elected officials appear to be working with the enemy to weaken and destroy America.

·     That the enemy is carrying out an a-symmetric war and “useful American idiots” are helping the enemy destroy us.

·     That the enemy’s plan, tactics, operations, victories and lately, defeats, are obvious when one knows what to look at

That defeat can be drawn from the grasp of victory if we, as citizens, allow it to happen. 


Colonel Jon Gold, US Army, Retired


Colonel Jon Gold is a career Military Intelligence Officer and served in the Military Intelligence Branch for 30 years. Over those years his focus was on theEuropean, Middle Eastern & Pacific theaters.


·      He is a Tactical and Strategic Intelligence Officer, a

certified Counter Terrorism Instructor, andSpecial Security       Officer. He held a Top-Secret Clearance.

·      Over his last 10 years of service, Colonel Gold was the Assistant

Foreign Policy Advisor for the United States Pacific Command, America’s largest Major Command.

·      Before that, he served 2 tours as the Chief Military Intelligence

Officer of the United Nations Pre-Deployment Forces in Former Yugoslavia.

  • With US Senate approval, Colonel Gold assisted Law Enforcement:  he is a founder of the Southern California Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area; taught at the California Police Academy; and developed the Career Criminal Apprehension Program for the US Marshals Service.  

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(Seating is limited)


Please make every effort to attend.  Water & cookies to be provided. Donations are greatly appreciated so we can pay some speakers, help fund our website, make copies of articles for you to read, and of course bring goodies!

Help us build our chapter by bringing guests to learn about the potential dangers we, and the rest of the Western world, face from Fundamentalist Islam, Sharia Law, Jihad, The Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS, etc.  Please visit our chapter’s website at: and ACT National


Nanini Branch Library (Large Meeting Room), 520-594-5365 – drive north on Shannon past Ina and the strip mall on the right.  Enter the very next driveway to the State DMV building.  You will see signs for the library as you approach the DMV building. Make a left and then follow the road around to the library.

For further information contact Lyle, President,



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