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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

A Case of Islamophobism 


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Date: October 3, 2019 at 9:22 AM 
Subject: Promoting Islamophobia???? 




Have you really no sense of integrity or even decency? "Goldberg did not respond to request for comment by the time of publication." Neither YOU, nor anyone else, ever asked me for any comment! Therefore you are lying about me.

You also did not even hint that I cited the most respected Islamic sources who tell us that Islam is a totalitarian and imperialist ideology, Yes, those are the exact words of the Islamic religious authorities! Are THEY Islamophobes ????


Instead, you talked only with Aamirah Chisti, the president of the Muslim Students Association. You should know that the MSA was the first Muslim Brotherhood front group established in America, according to the Muslim Brotherhood's own documents. The Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organizations by four MOSLEM countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Are THEY Islamophobic???


Your assertion that "Islamophobia is nothing short of a white supremacist belief." is just plain stupid. Islam is a belief system which has nothing to do with white supremacism. Therefore, to be against Islam has nothing to do with white supremacism. As for the term, "Islamophobia", it is nothing more than a baseless smear designed to shut down all discussion of Islam. Are you seriously arguing that Islam is not permitted to be discussed? Are you against the American principle of freedom of speech?

You rely on The Council on American Islamic Relations which designated me an "Islamophobe". You should know that CAIR was called a terrorist organization along with the Muslim Brotherhood by The United Arab Emirates. CAIR derives from the terrorist Hamas which, itself, is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.


You accuse me of "demonizing Muslims", but I did not do any such thing, and you cannot produce a single quotation from me which supports your false accusation. You referred to a dishonest article by Elizabeth Whitman in the New Times. How dare you use her as a source to slander me!!


Contrary to what you wrote, I am not "Arizona's chapter leader of ACT for America", and to call Act for America "an extremist hate group" is pure slander. You cannot produce a single statement from Act for America that justifies such a lie on your part.


And, by the way, there was no debate last night because I was not permitted any time to rebut the imam's comments. The event was billed as "Conversation with Islam", but because of the way it was structured, there was, in fact, no conversation and no debate.


In case you are at all interested in what I actually said last night, see the attachment. The imam did not deal at all with what I presented from the Islamic sources. You should be ashamed of yourself for what you wrote. 

Dr. Carl Goldberg

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