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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ



I. Islam’s Holy Books – the “Trilogy” 

These t
hree “books” form Islam’s ”Bible:” the Koran, the Sira (Mohammad’s bibliography), and the Hadith (Mohammad’s traditions & sayings).  True.

The latter two are taken together as “Sunna,” Mohammad’s perfect examples -- how he ate, dealt w/infidels; enslaved women & children; who he married, etc. True.

What he did then, is worshipped and copied by Islamists today.  True.
II. Basic Terms & Characteristics of Islam
Allah. Allah is the Arabic word for God. 

Apostate. A former Muslim who renounced Islam.

Blasphemy. To disrespect or insult a religion. 

Awra. A sinful, intimate thing that is not to be shown; a women’s body is awra and must be covered.

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).  CAIR is a MB advocacy group to promote Muslim interests in society; may include an Islamist agenda. 

Caliph. Muslim religious & political emperor.

Caliphate. Sacred Muslim empire; ex., Ottoman Empire.

Dawa. The process of calling non-Muslims to Islam.

Dhimmi. A form of servitude with heavy taxation (jizya) for kafirs living under Muslim subjugation.

Dhimmitude. The state of being a Dhimmi or acting like one; the act of supporting the Islamic movement. 

 Haram. That which is forbidden in Islam. Many things are Haram and strictly enforced, with harsh forms of discipline such as public flogging, prison, hanging and beheading.  True.

In Muslim countries, it is haram for non-Muslims to study, question, or criticize (blaspheme) Mohammad, the Koran, the Hadiths, Allah, or Islam.  True.

Under Sharia, it is haram to speak freely, in contrast to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

Infidel.  A non-believer in Allah, Muhammad, & Islam. True.

Islam. A supremist religious-political ideology direct from Allah to Mohammad via visions in 7th century. Considered  by believers to be Allah’s only and perfect religion covering all aspects of life. True.

Islam means submission to Allah. True.

Islamist (jihadist). A pious Muslim who actively pursues the goal of making Sharia the law of the land and the world.  True.

Islamists seek to destroy and remake the world in their own image with no civil rights, where everyone must submit to a set of depraved, repressive, ugly, biased laws (Sharia).  True.

Islamists actively strive to impose Sharia upon non-believers by subversion, force, fear, intimidation and terrorism. They are mandated to impose Sharia on everyone, by force if needed.  True.

Islamophobia. Applies to words "bigot," "racist," and "hatemonger," applied to infidels who tell truth about Islamic extremism.  Designed to legally prohibit negative words about Islam as “hate speech.”  True.

III. Islamic Hierarchy
 Hardline leaders. Islamists who plan/direct  violence for Sharia; Salafists and Wahabbists; Examples: Anwar alAwlaki, Osama bin Laden, some MB members. True.

 Militant Jihadists. Islamists who use violence for Sharia. Examples: Nidal Hassan, some MB members. True.

Soft Jihadists – Islamists who use cultural, non-violent methods of  jihad for Sharia. Ex: some MB members.  True.

Moderate Muslims. Soft-talk regarding Islam & Sharia to kafirs, while supporting use of jihad & Islamist activities behind the scene to promote Sharia.  Ex: MB.  MINOs (Muslims In Name Only). Have little/no knowledge of political Islam, Koran, radical use of mosques, Sharia, & jihad; generally peaceful.  True.

Secular Muslims.” Believe in peace for all, equality of Islam with other religions. They reject Sharia, jihad, Islamic supremacy & combined religion-state. True.
IV. Debunking Some Islam & Sharia Myths
Islam is a religion of peace. Not True! Only in Muslim communities when everyone is under Sharia llaw! 

Jihadists (Islamists) have “hijacked” the religion by selecting sections of Islam for their violent actions.  Not True! 

Islamist apologists lie to kafirsto confuse them so that Islam is enhanced. True.

jihadists follow fundamentalist and supremist  forms of Mohammad’s Islam, advocating  conversion to Islam by any means possible, including violence. True. 

Devout (pious) Muslims are Peaceful/Tolerant of Others.  Not True! 

In truth, they are Sharia-compliant, striving to emulate Mohammad’s actions & sayings (Sunna); seeking world domination under Sharia by violent & cultural jihad. They believe in Islamic supremacy over all other systems, including the right to kill kafirs and take their property, and the use of taqiyya to deceive infidels. They consider secular-minded Muslims as being apostates, to be killed. True.

Islam is a Benign Religion. Not True! 
Devout Muslims believe Sharia must apply to all mankind, whether they want it or not. To them, it is Allah’s sacred Islamic law from the Koran and the authentic Hadiths. 

Sharia covers all aspects of life -- politics, economics, banking, business law, contract law, marriage, divorce, child rearing and custody, sexuality, sin, crime, and social issues, etc., as defined in the Sunni legal manual - the “Reliance of the Traveller.” True.

(Sharia is like a Trojan horse – it comes in peace with subversive demands hidden inside.)  True.

Sharia Protects Women’s Rights. Not True! 

Under Sharia, women are 2nd-class citizens; subordinate to men and considered deficient in intelligence & religion. Men make all important decisions for them, with no objections allowed.  True.

Wives are tightly controlled sex objects whom husbands can hit.  Wives are dependent on husbands for the necessities of life and always subject to divorce if they misbehave in any way.  A wife’s job is to make her husband happy, always.  

Sharia Protects Family Integrity. Not True!  There is no penalty for a husband/father as ”head-of-state” to honorkill a wife or offspring, as a means to restore the social, religious, or political standing of a family when it is believed that the victim has violated traditional behavioral expectations. Violations can include improper covering of the body, appearing in public without a male relative chaperone, talking to an unrelated male, or exhibiting independence in thought and action.  

Sharia Gives Women Right to Marry who they Choose.  Not True!  Pre-Pubescent Marriage (marriage to young children) is allowed under Sharia.  For example -- Muhammad wrote a marriage contract with Aisha while she was six years old.  He consummated the marriage when she was nine years old.  He was 54.  Still practiced today. 

Sharia is Secular (separation of religion & state).  Not True!  Under Sharia, Islam and the state are one & same; in conflict with USA law. 

Sharia Follows the “Golden Rule.” Not True! Under Sharia, two sets of  rules [-- one for Muslims (superior), and another for kafirs (inferior). Sharia also allows the enslavement of war captives and legal rape of those slaves, as practiced by Mohammad.  Still okay today.

V. How Political-Islam Takes Over a Host Society

1. Immigration. Muslims nice at first; accepted by kafirs. 

2. Sharia demands begin.  Simple demands at first; then more extreme, w/segregation & heavy use of mosques. 

3. Jihad begins. Violence, infiltration, subversion starts; dhimmi kafirs cower; kafir culture flounders.  Islamists begin controlling society, especially government and education. 

4. Islamists take over.  Sharia expands with heavy taxation to fund more jihad & control. Extreme violence and beheadings to cower kafirs.  Little kafir culture left.  

5. Islam only.  Sharia complete; old kafir culture gone.  Residual kafirs & useful idiots given three choices -- convert, accept dhimmi status w/heavy taxes, or death.


ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). A MB front group to promote Islamic interests in community & government affairs; may include an Islamist agenda. 

Jihad. (a) A holy war against non-believers, using any way to achieve success; Jihad may be violent (as in 9/11).  True.

(b) A personal struggle to become a more devout Muslim.  True.

Jizya. A poll tax on kafirs subjugated under Muslim control. Used to fund on-going jihad against non-believers.  True.

Kafir. A non-believer; hated by Allah & Muslims who take the Koran seriously.  Worse than an infidel.  True. 

Madrassa. An Islamic religious school tied with a mosque.  True.

Mohammad. Founder of Islam; last & final prophet of Allah to whom all Muslims must swear total allegiance. True.

Mosque. A political, military, religious, social, cultural, and proselytizing (dawa) center for promoting Islamic ideology, much like a Communist Party HQ. Not simply a “church” or “synagogue” or “temple.” True.

Muslim. One who believes in Islam.  True.

MSA (Muslim Student Assn). A MB religious front group; used to promote Islam on campuses & to attract new recruits.  True.

Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The largest Islamic non-gov. organization in the world. The MB actively seeks to replace non-Islamic societies with Sharia using cultural jihad instead of violent jihad like al-Qaeda. (Both have same objective.)  True.

Organization of Islamic Conference/Cooperation (OIC).  The official organization of all Muslim-majority countries (the Ummah); the largest voting bloc in the UN; it seeks to criminalize blasphemy about Islam throughout the world. True.

Salafism. A Sunni extremist movement that strictly adheres to all doctrines set forth by the Koran, Sunna, and Sharia. True.

Sectarian.  One who adheres to a specific group or sect.  True.

Secularism. Belief that religion & state must be separate. Shia. Islam sect; 15% of Ummah; Caliph line from Mohammad.  True.

Sufism. A non-sectarian  mystical form of Islam.  Sunni. Islam sect; 85% of Ummah, Caliph by vote. True.

Taqiyya. Act of lying to strengthen Islam. Used to deceive infidels about true objectives of Islam, Sharia, and the MB, etc.   True.

Terrorism. violence to non-believers for political gain.  True.

Ummah. Collective set of all Muslims worldwide. Useful-Idiot.  True.

Also, one who sides with the enemy, such as supporting Islam and Sharia as a religion of peace. True. 

Wahabbism. Extremist & militant form of Islam in Saudi Arabia; an offshoot of Salafism; exported around much of the world.  True.

Zoroastrianism. State religion of Iran prior to Islamization.  True.

Article re-posted October, 12th, 2018 by Lyle M, Ph.D.,  


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