ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ
ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

Suggested Action Items


Brigitte Gabriel, President of ACT for America (ACT for short), recommends that ACT chapter groups focus their efforts on the following:

1. Watch for opportunities to react with Islamist political candidates, such as Deedra Aboud, here in Arizona.

2. Attend political candidate appearances and ask pointed questions about the contradiction between their ideologies and the U.S. policies which they claim to support.

3. Bring up the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act.  Ask the candidates if they support affiliations with Muslim Brotherhood groups.

4. Always quote from the Koran and other respected Islamic religious authorities when asking Muslims questions about their ideology.

5. Remember that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

6. Urge all candidates from both parties to take a stand against the Muslim Brotherhood.

7. Advocate for “extreme vetting” requiring prospective immigrants to reject specific jihadist passages from the Koran and Sunnah, and accepting the United States Constitution and laws.

8. Accept only those Muslim candidates for political office who accept our Constitution and laws.

9. Outreach to Muslims:  Urge your political representatives to fund the equivalent of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty where they can hear the truth.

10. Outreach to our fellow citizens, including your clergy, with truth about Islam.

11. Refuse to give money to your alma mater if they suppress the truth about Islam or support pro-Islamic groups.

12. Oppose pro-Islamic indoctrination of our school children. Talk to your children and grandchildren. Get active in the PTA.

13. Get conservative organizations and commentators (Hillsdale College, Heritage Foundation, Leadership Institute, Turning Point USA, the John Birch Society, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine and others) to discuss the nature of Islam and the Islamic threat. Urge them always to refer to Iran by its official name, The Islamic Republic of Iran.

14. Leave online comments on articles having to do with Islam.

15. Speak up at political meetings; work through your Party apparatus at the precinct level.

 [Reference also &  IDEOLOGYOFISLAM@COX.NET]

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