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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

April 2019 Intel Update


By Barry Webb, AIR senior fellow

March 25, 2019

First, a statement of purpose lest anyone get the wrong idea about this webpage, or this

--Our war is not against Muslims as people.

--Our war is against the ideology of Islam, because Islam has declared war on us. The non-abrogated verses of the Qur'an command Muslims to engage in jihad against the non-believers until all religion is for Allah. There are also numerous ahadeeth (supposed sacred sayings of Muhammad) that reinforce that command. School textbooks in most Islamic countries also implant those concepts into the minds of their students from the 6th grade through the 12th.

--Islam is fatal, not just for those who oppose it, but for those who embrace it. Throughout 1400 years of history Islam has killed more Muslims than it has of all other ethnic, racial, and religious groups combined.

--Islam has killed far more Muslims than all other ethnic, racial, and religious groups have killed of Muslims.

--Islam kills.

--Islam is a totalitarian, supremacist, Jew-hating ideology akin to Nazi-ism.

--Yet, the world's media insists on lumping any critiquing of Islam with hatred of all Muslims, which just is not true. Islam, also, is not a race, therefore, anyone criticizing Islam cannot be called a racist for performing that function.

--With those ground rules in place, it’s on with the show:


--The media is calling the New Zealand killer a rightwing extremist, and a white nationalist, so they can link it with Trump and Trump supporters.

--The shooter, Brenton Tarrant, was at least part Serbian. The Ottoman Empire Caliphate had persecuted the Serbs for hundreds of years, ethnic cleansing them when it could.

--One notable event occurred in 1809 when the Ottoman's built a tower of skulls out of Serbs they had just killed. This tower still stands in Serbia today. Those skulls are the remains of the ancestors of many of today's Serbs. Other, more recent, ethnic cleansing pogroms occurred throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

--The New Zealand shooter had several names inscribed on the stock of one of his guns. Those names were written in the Cyrillic alphabet used by the Serbian Orthodox church. They are the names of some of Serbia's greatest heroes who were killed trying to defend their people against the Ottoman Turks during the 1809 genocide.

--In the shooter's mind, however twisted, he was avenging the deaths of those heroes, and perhaps of all Serbs who had been killed by the Muslim Turks.

--But of course, the media, the Left, and the Islamic groups like CAIR and their allies are exploiting this tragedy to push for silencing all criticism of Islam, no matter how well intentioned.

--Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is using the New Zealand shooting as a rallying cry to unite all Muslims behind it.

--The pro-Muslim Brotherhood satellite TV channel al-Jazeera has chimed in calling the New Zealand attack an example of "Christian terrorism. By so doing, it "hopes to whitewash Islamic terrorism."

--Egyptian TV reported in late February that hundreds of ISIS fighters were fleeing to Iraq with millions of dollars.

--Iraqi Security officials say that ISIS will re-appear in new clothing.

--Hai'at Tahreer ash-Sham (the committee for liberating Syria), an offshoot of the an-Nusra front, which was the major al-Qaeda franchise in Syria, has taken over the province of Idlib in Syria, in the N.W. of country.

--Meanwhile, Iran has placed 80,000 troops in Syria, mostly non-Iranians. The Iranian controlled faliq al-Quds (Jerusalem battalion) has fighters from 67 different countries. Their main function is to cause terror among Christians and Sunnis. (Reported by al-Arabiya TV on 24 Feb.

--The Iranians are now claiming that they have 200,000 troops in Syria.

--Syria really no longer exists as an independent country, with Turkey now occupying the NW of it, and Iran occupying the rest.

--After ethnic-cleansing the Afrin region of NW Syria of all Kurds, Christians, and Yazidis, they have repopulated it with Turkish-speaking people from various countries.

--The Turks have started a branch of their  "Justice and Progress" party, or AKP, there, which is a clone of the Muslim Brotherhood.

--While waiting for the U.S. to pull out of the Manjib region, Turkey has moved south from Afrin, to take over Idlib province. Not only was there no esistance from the al-Qaeda group already there, but the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood had requested that
Turkey occupy all of Northern Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and al-Qaeda are very close allies throughout the Middle East as they are both funded by Qatar. And, Qatar is a close ally of Turkey.

--Satellite photos and communications intercepts have shown that Turkish intelligence (MIT) provided transportation in MIT vehicles for Jihadis from out of the region to transit Turkey so they could join ISIS in Syria.

--On 23 March, Egyptian media reported that NATO weapons, including rocket fuel, that NATO countries sold to Europe, was given by the Turks to ISIS.

--You see? These wonderful people (the Turks), are our trustworthy, loyal NATO allies to whom we want to sell even more weapons—and who we refuse to kick out of NATO.

--In Erdogan's scheme of things, his new holdings in Syria are an indivisible part of his new Ottoman Empire Caliphate.

--Granting Erdogan a foothold in Syria, like we have done, is worse than was the granting of Hitler a foothold in the Sudetenland in 1938--because the Sudetenland had actually been inhabited by German-speakers since the days of the old Austrian Holy Roman Empire, and going back even to Roman times. Turkey has no such legitimate claim over northern Syria. Granting it to him will only whet his appetite for more, much more.

--The near future of Syria looks bleak. It initially looked like it was going to be a 3-pronged war between Turkey and its Sunni Arab allies, against the American-supported Kurds, against the Iran, Damascus, Russia axis. 

--However, with the American withdrawal, it turned it into what will eventually be a two-pronged war between Iran-Damascus, and Hezbollah against the Turks and their Sunni Arab allies.

--While some thought that this would be a brilliant stroke on the part of Trump because it could drive a wedge between Putin and Erdogan, that is not likely to come to fruition as long as Turkey is a member of NATO. Putin, instead, is trying to play both sides of that quation.

--Meanwhile, it is the minorities, the Kurds, Christians, and Yazidis who will be caught
in the middle of that brewing Sunni-Shi'a war and will most likely be exterminated.

--That is why, as soon as soon as Trump announced his withdrawal, the Kurds basically surrendered to the Assad regime in Damascus. Christians and Yazidis will have to do the same if they want to survive. A Damascus regime, somewhat tempered by a sometimes Christian Russia, is easily the only option the minorities have.

--However, the Kurds relationship with the Damascus regime remains unclear, with Western media and politicians seeming to be oblivious to the Kurds' needs to ally with Damascus, no matter what the cost.

--In the meantime, the Kurds have been hitting back at the Turks in the Afrin province, with roadside bombs, IEDs, some hit and run attacks. Snipers picking off soldiers at check points, that sort of thing.

--Our YPG Kurds in the Manjib region are also suffering from the same sorts of attacks. Their attackers could come from any number of groups, either the Turks, the Iranians, or the still active ISIS cells.

--Speaking of ISIS in Syria, Arabic reports out of the Middle East claim that ISIS still controls regions around Palmyra in central Syria, near Homs, north of Damascus, and Deir az-Zur in the far east of country at the Iraqi border.

--They also have sleeper cells all over the country, as their ideology is well entrenched in the population.

--Remember that even though Bashaar al-Assad is an Alowite Shi'a, the vast majority of Syria's population are Sunnis. The Sunnis have no one else to turn to now except for ISIS, and the al-Qaeda/Turkey/Muslim Brotherhood alliance.

--Arabic reports also have ISIS cells bouncing around across the border between East Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


--Moving outside of the Iraq-Syria region:

--ISIS still controls huge areas in Libya, including the N.E. city of Derna near the Egyptian border.

--Western media and intelligence entities are expressing mystification as to the
whereabouts of ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, since there was no evidence of him,
or his body, in the "last" stronghold that recently surrendered in Syria. There had been numerous reports of his death, all of which have been subsequently debunked. I've always thought that he had just stayed in Libya after the Turks smuggled him there several years ago. Baghdadi had reportedly told his followers that he wanted to set up a second center of operations in the event that Raqqa should fall.

--Egyptian intelligence reports that ISIS has active franchises in no less than 9 African countries, plus active cells in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

--AL-QAEDA has regrouped and is as strong and financially well off as before.

--With ISIS losing most of its territories in Iraq and Syria, I have been predicting for a long time, that the remnants of ISIS will merge with al-Qaeda. There are signs of this already happening in Libya and North Africa.

--Libyan Major General Ahmad al-Mismari told the TV show host of al-Arabiyya TV's sin'at al-mawt (Industry of Death) program that remnants of al-Qaeda and ISIS groups that have been defeated elsewhere have already merged to form a new group in Libya.

--Terrorists from Chad, Niger, Mali, and the Boko Haram from Nigeria have joined this new group and are fighting both the Libyan army led by generals Hiftar and al-Mismari, which is based in Benghazi, and the EU-installed Siraj government in Tripoli.

--Turkey and Qatar are both aiding the al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Muslim Brotherhood factions in Libya with money, weapons, and other equipment. Qatar is airlifting foreign fighters as well, to go join the al-Qaeda groups.

--The al-Basheer regime in Sudan is also supplying weapons to the terror groups in Libya.

--On 25 March 2019, "Amru Adeeb, on his al-Hakaya (the story) talk show on MBS-Egypt TV noted that ISIS had been earning a million dollars a day. So, he asked where is ISIS's money? Where did all that money go now that ISIS has lost its territories?"

--On 26 March 2019 the Dubai-based, Saudi-owned TV channel al-arabiyya answered Mr. Adee's question: The ISIS millions have been stored in Turkish banks.

--ISIS, AL-QAEDA, AND THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD factions in Libya also gain
additional financing through some of the oil wells they've captured in Libya, a harbor ISIS controls in Somalia, from the international drug trade, petty crime, hostage taking, and donations.

--These funds, plus the continued funding from their state sponsors of terrorism, Turkey
and Qatar, will guarantee the continued performance of attacks across the globe by so-
called "Lone Wolves," and "independent cells."

--These actions will be accompanied by an accelerated non-violent, multi-pronged push
against the West as represented by emigration, propagation, propaganda, and infiltration. (In this regard, virtually all of the Muslim candidates running for office in the U.S. in 2018 were backed by Muslim Brotherhood front groups located in the U.S.).

--Meanwhile, al-Qaeda international is trying to exploit the New Zealand shooting by
calling on all Muslims to join it in resisting the new "Crusaders."

--Pro-Muslim Brotherhood satellite TV station al-Jazeera has joined in by calling the
New Zealand attack an example of "Christian terrorism."

Moving on to other state-level news:

--The Saudi-owned, Dubai-based, Arabic satellite TV hannel, al-arabiyya, has reported on the late March joint military exercises between China, Pakistan, and Turkey.

--Western media has reported on the same exercises--but mentioned only China and
Pakistan, ignoring the participation of NATO ally Turkey.

Massive demonstrations calling for the replacement of the ruling regimes have been taking place in both Algeria and Sudan. Less intense demonstrations have also recently popped up in Morocco.

Qatar? Turkey? or ??? The case for each is stated here:
Qatar = Hosts the MB's chief ideologue Yusuf al-Qaradhawi, and hosts the pro MB TV channel al-Jazeera. It also heavily finances the MB internationally. Turkey = hosts 2,000 MB media personalities, and thousands more MB members. Turkey blasts pro MB propaganda all across the Islamic world. Turkey is especially using media, including dozens of radio and TV stations aimed at Egypt, for the purpose of undermining the current non-Brotherhood ruling regime there. Turkey's ruling AKP party is a clone of the MB.

Britain = But in spite of all of that some Egyptian sources claim that the UK is the HQ of the international MB. This is because more money in the way of donations comes from the UK than from any other country on the planet. In this regard, it is worthy to note that most Muslims in the UK are of Pakistani origin (as is Huma Abadeen's brother, a MB leader), not Arabic origin.

So, the MB is not just an Arab problem. It is a problem for the entire planet.
Barry Webb had a 25-year career as an Arabic Translator for the NSA, and is the Author of Confessions of an (ex) NSA spy: Why America and its Allies are Losing the War on Terror. His website is

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