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How Islamists took Lebanon
from the Christian Majority


This Story Starts In the Middle East . . . .

And Ends Up in Washington, D.C.

As you may know, I was born and raised in Lebanon. 

When I was a little girl – this was in the 1960s – Lebanon had the reputation of being the most “westernized “ of all the Arab countries.

The government was a republic, just like the U.S.  Beirut, the capital, was often called “Paris of the Middle East” because it enjoyed a level of culture, sophistication –and freedom – that other Arab nations did not.

At the time, Lebanon was the only majority Christian country in the region.  It was a place where Christian and Muslim families were able to live and work in peace with their neighbors.  We were fair, tolerant and multicultural.

But Then, Something Changed

Something that we did not realize would change our nation forever.  Something that would destroy the very soul of freedom that was flourishing. 

And it was this:  Lebanon began accepting Palestinian refugees.

At first, it was only a handful.  We had good hearts and we wanted to help them.

But soon, what was initially a trickle became a flood – a massive wave of militant Muslims filled with hate who did not share the values of the country that was giving them safe haven.

Instead, these Muslim refugees joined up with the larger Islamic crusade across the Arab nations, determined to expand Islamic power and destroy Israel. 

They hated Israel blindly.  And to fuel that hatred they took advantage of Lebanon’s Western-style democracy to gain political control of the government. 

Once they seized power, they waged war on Christians and Christianity – against the very people who took them in!

When I was 10 years old, my family was attacked and terrorized with rocket blasts from these Palestinian Muslims.  For seven years, we lived underground – literally! -- in a 7’ by 100’ bomb shelter.

We almost starved, often surviving on merely weeds for food.  We hid from snipers.  We feared for our lives every day.  It is nothing short of a miracle that I survived 

And yet, I was one of the lucky ones.  I not only survived, I escaped.  I went first to Israel and eventually to America, my adopted home and the greatest nation in human history.

As for Lebanon, however . . . today it is a terrorist state run by Hezbollah and funded by Iran.  Like every radical Islamists touch, it’s in ruins.  I weep for it. 

My friend, this is what happens when you do not control your own borders!

This is what happens when you allow a tidal wave of refugees and illegal aliens to enter your country with no intention of assimilating!

This is what happens when radical Islamists see an opening to seize power and establish a foothold in the very nation that takes them in!

And it is with a deep sense of grief and tragedy that I see it happening all over again right here in America!

Let me tell You How Radical Islam Works

Radical Islamists are patient and willing to work slowly . . . bit by bit . . .  until they have gained political power.

First, Muslim immigrants and refugees do not as a rule, choose to mix with ordinary Americans.  They remain tightly knit, staying apart, united in their hatred of Israel and their hared of Western values.

Next, they build mosques — many of which we know to be schools for radicalizing young Muslims, even those born on American soil.  They are trained to hate and to believe that one day the grand Islamic movement will dominate the world and eliminate other religions that preach peace and love.

And finally, to achieve their goals, they run for political office.  And they win!

In many countries around the world, this would be difficult to impossible for them to do.  But because America is a free and open society, they know that if they cluster together in places such as Michigan, Minnesota and other states, they will eventually be able to elect some of their own – loyal not to America first but to the Islamic cause.

And this is exactly what is happening!

In Michigan, the Muslim community, aided by the hard Left, elected congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

Instead of representing the American people, she proudly proclaims she is a “voice to the Palestinians in the West Bank”!  On the very day she took the oath of office she called for the impeachment of President Trump!

Can you judge people by the company they keep?  If so, let me tell you a few things about Rashida Tlaib:

1.  Tlaib is a member of the Facebook group “Palestinian American Congress,” where members frequently demonize Jews.  Its founder, Maher Abdel-qader, circulates videos claiming that Jews ae “satanic.”  Tlaib awarded him a medal! 

2.  Tlaib campaigned with radical Islamist and fake feminist Linda Sarsour, who threatens to remove the genitals of any woman who calls her out.  That includes both Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim who was previously the victim of female Genital mutilation – and me! Yes, Congresswoman Tlaib’s friends include Islamic advocates of Genital Mutilation!

3.  Tlaib wrote op-ed articles for Louis Farrakhan, the hate-filled leader of the Nation of Islam who routinely calls for the destruction of Israel and the elimination of Jews. 

In Minneapolis, the Muslim community, aided by the hard Left, elected Congresswoman Ilhsan Omar.  The first thing she did in office was to pressure Congress to allow her to wear the hijab in Congress – surely the first time Congress bend its rules to accommodate one religion.

More alarming, Omar landed a seat on the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, where she will have much greater influence to inflict her dangerous views on the American people.

Here are the facts about Ilhan Omar:

  1.  Omar said, and I quote: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”
  2. Omar travelled as a delegate for the pro-communist organization “Witness for Peace,” a group that defends Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro as the legitimate leader.
  3. Omar is an active proponent of the so-called “BDS” movement – attempting to punish Israel through Boycotts, Divestiture and Sanctions.  When asked point blank if she is anti -Semitic, she ducted the question and refused to answer. 

My friend, this is just a start.  What we’re seeing today is only the tip of the iceberg.

In 2018, more than 90 American Muslims ran for office at the national, state, and local levels, according to the terror-funded Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Jetpac, a group that seeks to build a powerful Muslim political infrastructure by increasing Islamic influence and engagement in American politics.

50 Muslims out of the 90 won political office on the municipal, state and federal levels nationwide.  If Rashid Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota are any indication of the mindset and ideology of the rest, we are in trouble!

As I said, Muslims are patient.  The Koran teaches them that if it takes a hundred years or a thousand years, they will keep at it until they eventually triumph over the West.

That is their sworn goal.  That, and destroying Israel, America’s closest ally in the Middle East!

Meanwhile, as the power of radical Islam and socialism gains adherents in Congress, and in states and local governments, we will see weak and politically correct politicians give in the demands of Islamists and their allies on the hard Left such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

That means more immigration.  More refugees.  Sharia law.  Intolerance for freedom.  Hatred for Israel.

I don’t doubt that this will also lead to an increase in terrorist attacks, because the most radical of militant Muslims will use any means necessary to achieve their goal.

I am not making this up.  It is already happening in Europe.

Those countries are already deeply regretting their decision to throw their doors wide open to Middle East refugees and immigrants.

France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and many more – they are now living with the grave consequences of that decision:  increased poverty, crime, terrorism, overcrowding, economic misery and the erosion of Western values.

This means America is at a very critical turning point right now.

  • Are we just going to wring our hands at this terrible turn of events, and watch as our nation’s political structure gives in to the demands of radical Islam?


  • Are we going to allow our schools to teach our children how to be politically correct social justice warriors, infused with anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda?


  • Are we going to watch our precious freedoms evaporate before our eyes?


  • No, never!  We are going to join together and fight with every ounce of our strength!

It Is Not Too Late For America – If We Take Action Today!

ACT for America is in the middle of a major campaign to raise $.7 million in the next 30 days.We’ll use that money to finance our 6-point Program to:

  1. Expose the real agenda of the radical Islamists and their allies on the hard Left such as the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  We will fight them in print, on television, on the radio and In social media.  We’re already reaching millions of Americans each month, but we need to do more, much more!
  2. Counter the lies of the radical Islamists and the politically correct Left with facts that the American people need to know.  You, my friend, are well aware of the threats to our national security by an increasingly powerful Islamist presence in our culture.  But many Americans are still asleep and need to be awakened!
  3. Lobby our Senators and Congressmen in Washington, D.C. to stand firm for America and oppose the hatred that the Islamists and the radical Left are bringing to the political process.


  1. Help President Trump’s efforts to clamp down o illegal immigrants and refugees who have no intention of becoming good American citizens, but instead want to bring their culture of violence repression to the United States.
  2. Support Israel.  America’s only true ally in the Middle East, by calling out the Anti-Semitism in the so-called “BDS” movement.  Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions should be reserved for America’s enemies, not our friends!
  3. Organize concerned Americans in cities and towns across America.  Get them to call, write and email their federal, state and local officials.  Write letters to the editor.  Organize rallies and petition drives.  Generate a true grassroots revolt against the growing threats to out national security by pro-Islamic forces.


That’s what I’m talking about when it comes to taking action!So I must ask you:Will you send a generous contribution of $500 to Act for America today?


You’ve already proven yourself to b a committed support of our goals.You clearly share my deep love for America, and a determination to keep our nation safe.


But we need to do more, you and I.Your gift of $500 or more will help build a $1.7 million dollar war chest to combat the growing influence of radical Islam in America.


My friend, I already lost the country of my birth. I do not want to lose my adopted country of America!


And so, with your support, I will fight for it, day in and day out until we have defeated the forces of radical Islam that are pervading our nation.God Bless You.


Always devoted,

Signed: Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel,

Founder and Chairman


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