ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ
ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

What is The SPLC?
Adapted from article by Matt O'Brien | Aug 16, 2017 | SPLC News |

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has become a controversial and partisan organization.  Currently, the SPLC is focused on smearing any group that disagrees with its own political agenda, by calling them “Hate Groups,” and publishing their “findings” on a “Hate Map.” [see]

What is a “Hate Group”?

“Generally speaking, hate groups are, by our definition, those that vilify entire groups of people based on immutable characteristics such as race or ethnicity.” (Richard Cohen, President, Southern Poverty Law Center)

There are no agreed-upon legal, academic, or political meaning associated with the term “hate group.”  In general, they are associated with organizations that don’t agree with other groups who define such words or phrases.

The United States Constitution supports free speech.  As such, ugly speech has to be allowed, to protect the rights of underclass groups or people.

 Free Speech Is Not Hate Just Because We Disagree With It!

 "I disapprove of what you say,
but I will defend to the death your right to say it
" (Hall)


Unfortunately, many groups who label other political organizations as “hate groups” are typically trying to undermine the legitimacy of their opponents’ political views.

The Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t provide a clear definition of “hate groups”  on its website.   Nor does the SPLC provide a clearly delineated methodology for determining who is and who isn’t a “hate group.”

The SPLC Uses the “Hate Group” Label to Their Advantage by claims to focus on groups that “malign entire classes of people for their immutable characteristics.” But that’s not actually true.   A large number of the groups maligned by the SPLC are simply politically conservative, and not “Hate Groups at all.


The SPLC Hate Map

 The SPLC Hate Map is a scam designed to portray political organizations that disagree with the SPLC in a negative light. Pitched as an easy-to-use list of hate groups, it’s really just a mash-up of organizations that hold political views opposed to those pushed by the SPLC.

There are a few genuine hate groups tossed in – most of them neo-Nazi organizations. But the presence of a small number of actual hate groups merely seems calculated to lead map users to the conclusion that mainstream political opponents of the SPLC are guilty by association.

Designed by the SPLC and published on, the “Hate Map” only contains information that the SPLC wants you to see. Anything that might accurately portray a group of which the SPLC disapproves is deliberately left out. While the map may have once had noble intentions, it now has a sinister dark side. Overall, the “Hate Map” actually contains very little accurate, useful information.


The above page is adapted from sources identified, by L.M, January 18, 2019


Some Companies that have been Deemed
Hateful by the SPLC 
on Their Hate Map


The discredited SPLC has waged a war agaist ACT for America and many other national organizations that expouse conservative viewpoint and values.  Learn more about why the SPLC must not be trusted at

On the Hate Map, you can find mny organizations that are considered Hate Groups.  
For example: ACT for America HQ is there as shown below:  

   HEADQUARTERS, ACT for America

Washington, District of Columbia , ANTI-MUSLIMACT FOR AMERICA

Also:  ACT for America (Tucson, Arizona) is shown on the map. 


SPLC's "SHADED" View of Islam


The following information is copied directly from The SPLC Hate Map regarding Islam.  As you read this material, note the abundance of hate that they themselves spew toward others.  It's interesting to note how the SPLC becomes more hateful toward a number of groups; as such they are unable to see their own hate.



[from SPLC ]  All anti-Muslim hate groups exhibit extreme hostility toward Muslims. The organizations portray those who worship Islam as fundamentally alien and attribute to its followers an inherent set of negative traits. Muslims are depicted as irrational, intolerant and violent, and their faith is frequently depicted as sanctioning pedophilia, coupled with intolerance for homosexuals and women.

These groups also typically hold conspiratorial views regarding the inherent danger to America posed by its Muslim-American community. Muslims are viewed as a fifth column intent on undermining and eventually replacing American democracy and Western civilization with Islamic despotism, a conspiracy theory known as “civilization jihad.” Anti-Muslim hate groups allege that Muslims are trying to subvert the rule of law by imposing on Americans their own Islamic legal system, Shariah law. The threat of the Muslim Brotherhood is also cited, with anti-Muslim groups constantly attacking Muslim civil rights groups and American Muslim leaders for their supposed connections to the Brotherhood. Many of these groups have pushed for the Brotherhood to be designated a foreign terrorist organization.

Anti-Muslim hate groups also broadly defame Islam, which they tend to treat as a monolithic and evil religion. These groups generally hold that Islam has no values in common with other cultures, is inferior to the West and is a violent political ideology rather than a religion.

In recent years, the most influential groups — namely ACT for America and the think tank Center for Security Policy (CSP) — have sought to develop closer relationships with elected officials both at the state and local level. A shift in targets has also taken place recently with the Syrian refugee crisis, as anti-Muslim groups have increasingly directed their ire toward the American refugee program. Refugees are commonly depicted as potential terrorist infiltrators by these organizations. Small anti-refugee groups have popped up across the country and fought the relocation of refugees at the hyper-local level.


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