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(8) Can We Win This War?

L. McCurdy, 01/21/2019

The big question -- can America win a
protracted war against a jihadist enemy? 


If We Win -- Jihadists Lose


If we win, everything stays pretty much status quo.  We keep our culture, our laws, our freedoms, our rights etc.


For the jihadists, things will be different.  Something is wrong.  With Allah on their side, and with their bringing Islam and Sharia to all corners of the earth, they are supposed to win. They must be doing something wrong.  They will have to re-think their approach. Allah is going to require them to return to the fight, because non-believers cannot be allowed to stand. Remember we are Allah's enemies because we aren't Muslims. 


If Jihadists Win -- We Lose


If the jihadists win, things for them will remain the same status quo; except they will begin planning what to do with us as losers.  Most likely, they will start preparing for the next war with another non-Islamic foe as demanded by Allah.  

Things will be significantly different for us.  Most likely, we will be forced to convert to Islam, face demeaning third-class status as dhimmi, with its 50% poll tax (jizya), or death. 


What Dhimmi status means


Dhimmis (the Protected Ones, non-Muslims living under Muslim rule) are allowed to practice their religious rituals as long as they are not conspicuous to the Muslims.


They cannot display any non-Muslim religious symbols, crosses or icons, on buildings or clothing.  They cannot say loud prayers, ring bells or blow horns.  They are not allowed to build new church buildings or repair damaged buildings without permission. They are not allowed to seek converts from among Muslims.  

They are not allowed to ride horses, camels, donkeys within city boundaries.  They are not allowed to bear weapons of any sort. 

They must pay their Jizya taxes to their Muslim overlords in a demeaning manner -- bowing, little or no eye contact, pulling of beards.  Yes, beards are required. 

Typically, dhimmis must cross the street when approaching a Muslim. 
Intermarriage between dhimmis and Muslims is not allowed.  


[Source #1:]

[Source #2: Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, by Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political Islam, available at www.CSPIPublishing.Com, 2010]


 Can we end the war
by stopping the fight?


No, the war cannot end by stopping the fight.  According to Islamists this protracted conflict between our civilization and Sharia compliant Islam cannot be won by us stopping the fight; this will be seen as a weakness. The jihadists will not quit fighting.  We will lose by default. The jihadists will not end the war until Allah wants them to end it.  They will be back.


Can we end
the war by truce?


This is a possibility.  We can try by setting up a truce with the jihadists; however, this can only last 10 years according to Mohammed's jihadist play book, and only when the jihadists are weak.  When they are strong, no way.     

If we want to try, it must be on our terms, and renewable on our terms, again and again, never on their terms -- no way can it ever be on their terms, ever. 


This war Is not
a little skirmish


We are not involved in a little skirmish against terrorists as criminals. This war is serious business: we must stop calling the war what it isn't -- a silly skirmish against a few terrorist criminals that we can catch from time to time and put them in prison, like we currently are doing.  This is nonsense. 

We are in a mortal conflict with an entire Islamic culture consisting of about 1.5 billion people. It's a fight to the death! 

We cannot end the conflict with Islam just because we are tired of the conflict. Since we aren't Muslims, and Allah hates all non-believers, they cannot end the conflict and reconcile to live peacefully with us, or to respect us.  They just can't do this.  It's against their laws, their dogma -- all that Mohammed commands them to do and to be.


A look toward the

future -- what to expect

The war we are currently engaged in will determine the earth's future.  Will our civilized world  of rights, freedom, opportunity, goodness, charity, and civilized decency remain?  Or will it be a world of Sharia law, oppression of religious and freedom rights, under a fascist totalitarian Islamic theocracy?


More Than One
Front To This War


In general, there are three fronts to a war with Islamic ideology. One being military, a second being social, and a third demographic. 

The military front is between Islamic forces and our forces on a battlefield. 

The second front is a "social" war here at home.  It involves "friendly" jihadist operatives working underground to demoralize our society so that we accept Islam and Sharia law. This may also cause a civil war between the Muslim invaders and the host infidel population, like what happened in Lebanon's civil war between the Muslim invaders and the existing Christian population during the early 1970's.  The country is no longer Christian, it is now predominately Islamic. 

The third front is a demographic war. The Muslim families living in the host society are instructed to have large families, larger than the host population, so that the Muslims can eventually take over. This third approach is discussed below.   


Demographic-War Effects

An interesting study by Peter Hammond highlights some of the critical "expectations" that a typical nation may experience as their Muslim population density grows larger than that of the host society over time. These expectations are shown below.     


At 20%, a nation can expect rioting, jihad terrorism, sporadic killings, burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues.

At 40%, expect widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare,

At 60%, persecution of “infidels" may begin, along with some ethnic cleansing (genocide). The  use of Sharia law as a weapon may start. Infidels may be required to make Jizya payments to their Muslim overlords.   

After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad against infidels. State run ethnic cleansing and genocide of  infidels may occur as the state moves toward a 100% Muslim society.

At 100%, a Muslim society will "usher in peace," because everyone is a Muslim. However, peace is seldom achieved because hard-core Islamists and Jihadists may continue to spew their hatred against less radical Muslims and kill those who aren't Muslim enough.    

As a side note, Muslim ghettos exist in some European countries with a 100% Muslim population.  The Muslim inhabitants are living under Sharia law, not the host country's laws.  Infidels are driven out because non-believers are not welcome.

[Source #3:  Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, by Peter Hammond], and 
[Source #4:]


This is the fundamental fact
and truth that we must deal with

To win this war, we will need to remain  a superior power with a ferocity greater than anything the jihadists can imagine. 

Even if we win, things aren't safe in the long run.  Why? Because jihadists are directed by Allah to subdue the earth under Sharia. They are expected to win, with Allah on their side. It's a matter of time before they grow enough strength to come after us again.


The conflict will never end until the jihadists win or think they can win.  We must keep up the lookout.  Our force must be sustained to prevent them from coming back for another try. 

Only great strength will force the jihadists to stay away.   If they sense weakness, they will attack and go for the kill -- we lose.


Source material from:  James E Horn, Experiencing Islam, and exposing Corruption (Sharia), James E. Horn, P.O. Box 2335, Menifee, CA, 92586 (originally published as Di Di DawDaw DI, 2009)






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