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Posted November 19, 2018, by B. Webb

PURCHASING HOW WE THINK (e.g. Muslim Brotherhood buys influence)


An Egyptian report of 30 October 2018 claims that the Muslim Brotherhood-sponsoring nation of Qatar now owns more than 80 newspapers and political research centers (think tanks) throughout Europe and America.  This penetration also includes the intelligence organizations of these countries where Qatar plays a significant role in Global intelligence, particularly in the United States.




EUROPE VOTES TO BECOME BANGLADESH (e.g. EU helps Europe commit demographic Suicide)


The EU has just passed a law criminalizing any criticism of Islam, academic or otherwise.  The late historian Walter Laqueur prophesized that "The possibility that Europe will become a museum or a cultural amusement park for the nouveu riche of

globalization is not completely out of the question."  


As Europe commits demographic suicide, the Catholic Church is taking a stand against the survival of Christianity:  While Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls on Europeans to stop the decline by investing in more traditional families, Italian Archbishop Gian Carlo Perego has said:  "The challenge for Italy is to reconcile a country that is dying with young people who come from elsewhere, in order to begin a new history.  If we close our door to migrants, we will disappear."  This comes after our "jihadi" Pope Francis has called on Europe to take in more refugees.


The German newspaper Die Welt reported that in the western portion of Germany, 42% of children under the age of six now come from a migrant background.


"The advance of Islam is just beginning, because demography is on its side and because Europe, which has stopped having children, has entered a process of suicide.  And it is not really a slow suicide.  Once you have arrived at a birth rate of 1.3 or 1.4, then in reality things go very fast" (French author Michel Houellebecq, as quoted by Giulio Meotti in




TERROR IN TUCSON? (Terrorist Immigrants really are coming to USA to do terror) 


An immigrant from Iraq, Ahmad Suhad, was arrested by the FBI for agreeing to make a car bomb for an undercover agent.  He thought the FBI agent was a Latin cartel member, and bragged that he had learned how to use a cell-phone to detonate bombs during the war in Iraq.  (Reported by the Arizona Daily Star).


Makes me wonder whose side he was working for when he learned those techniques, and how was he accepted here as a refugee and given citizenship.  Kudos though, to the FBI for catching him.


JOHN McCAIN, (MUSLIM BROTHER?  (Was he a terrorist sympathiser?)


Robert Spencer has reported that the Middle East Monitor on 03 Sept., 2018 quoted Egyptian TV talk show host Ahmad Moussa saying that McCain was the "Godfather," "leader," and "Supreme Guide" of the Muslim Brotherhood.   Moussa added that McCain was the one who opened up the Congress for the Brotherhood, and he was the one arranging the meetings, appointments, and providing them with protection.


And, of course, we Americans remember that when Michelle Bachmann called for an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the U.S. government, it was McCain who led the charge to demonize her and to denigrate any idea of MB infiltration into the U.S. government, along with his side-kick Lindsey Graham.  And, it was McCain who publically denounced her on the Senate floor as a bigot and an Islamophobe.  There was no investigation.


Now, I know it is not nice to talk about the dead, but public figures who have shaped history, I think, sometimes need to be analyzed.  There is something about McCain that has been eating away at me, that I think needs to be said, dead or alive.  We all witnessed his extreme bitterness over Trump's presidential victory.  


One can chalk that up to Trump's demeaning remarks about McCain during the campaign.  Or, one can recognize that McCain was a very proud man, one who drooled after the office of the Presidency like no one else.  He came close in 2000, and again in 2008, but lost both times.  Trump comes along, and after never having even run for dog catcher, wins the top prize in a land slide on his first try--without hardly even trying.

I think that that totally derailed McCain.  The jealousy and the bitterness of those two defeats combined with Trump's demeaning comments about him and Trump's winning the prize he had tried so hard to win, and failed--all of this caused him to take his bitterness out on Trump, and by extension Trump's policies.


All of that might be true, but I also think that there is something else at play here.  I think that McCain's bitterness and vindictiveness began in 2008, long before Trump became a serious presidential hopeful.  McCain tried twice to become president, and twice the American people rejected him.  So, beginning in 2009 he began taking his vindictiveness out on . . . not on the man (Obama) who had defeated him, but on the American people who had rejected him.  It is this that led this long-time supporter of America's military and national security to suddenly open his arms to America's number one enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood.  It was this that led McCain to support the most destructive policies, domestic and foreign, of the very man who had defeated him for the presidency.


It was McCain who carried Obama's water in the summer of 2013 when he took his lapdog Lindsey Graham to Cairo in an attempt to convince the Egyptian military to restore deposed Muslim Brotherhood president Mursi to his presidency.


McCain's parting shot was not to declare the MB a terrorist entity, no, it was a made-for-the-media "thumbs down" moment on the bill to repeal Obama care.  That "thumbs down"  vote by McCain was not just McCain flipping the finger to Trump, it was McCain flipping the finger to the American people.


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