ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ
ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

How Sharia Attacks Kafir Lands


Diagram illustrating how radical Islamists
Conducts Wars against infidel enemies


The diagram below illustrates how Islamic Ideology works to dominate a non-Islamic host society.  The center circle represents all lands and/or cultures that are not yet Islamic.  The surrounding larger circle and the text in the white rounded rectangles, represents the radical fundamentalist Islamic ideology (Islamism tactics) that is used by Jihadists, to force non-Islamic cultures to accept Islam as the only true religion, with Sharia law; else become dhimmi under Islamic rule, or accept death. 

Note that the pressure for all infidels to convert is all around us; both personally and socially; it never ends.  The jihadists believe that it is Islam’s destiny to dominate the entire world under Sharia rule; they really know how, they have been doing this for 1400 years.   

As the Islamists gain the upper hand, the host culture will eventually capitulate (lose) the war and agree to pay the Jizya (tax) and feel themselves subdued under Sharia law. For example, Lebanon used to be a Christian country.  Over time, Muslims continued to immigrate until they got the upper hand and initiated a civil war in the early 1970’s between the Christians and the Muslims.  The Muslims won; Lebanon is now Muslim.   USA next?

Graphic Diagram done by L. M., Januaty 15, 2019

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