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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

Islamist Ideology of Concern

Islamist Ideology Issues of concern by Infidels

August 13, 2016


WHEREAS, Sharia Law advocates combining mosque & state; hatred and killing of non-Muslims, and those who aren’t Muslim enough; promotes supremacy; allows child marriages; polygamy; slavery; reduced women’s rights; forcing non-Muslims to adopt Sharia law over existing legal systems, pay protection money, and feel themselves subdued), or death.  Reject.


WHEREAS, The Muslim Brotherhood advocates the overthrow of host culture and legal systems using soft and/or hard jihad (sedition or violence methods) to dominate all.  Reject.


WHEREAS, the Koran with numerous surahs (chapters) advocates hatred and killing of non-Muslims & those who aren’t Muslim enough; this includes confiscating their property, stealing their wealth, women and children; beheading; slavery & raping; the notion that Islam is supreme over all else, and destined to rule all.  Reject.


WHEREAS, Jihadists believe in strict adherence of radical Islam ideology of hatred & violence against non-Muslims or those who aren’t Muslim enough; confiscating their property, wealth, women & children  for slaves; child marriages; beheadings; and other cruel methods of punishment/killing  that violate human decency.  Reject.


WHEREAS, Muslim immigrants are directed by Islam ideology to avoid integrating into host societies and to not befriend non-Muslims, rather than integrating & accepting American culture and legal system.  Reject. 


WHEREAS, Many Mosques are used for activities beyond religion; such as politics; military; weapons storage; sedition; teaching hatred; supremacy; taqiyya to deceive non-Muslims, or those who aren’t Muslim enough.  Reject.


WHEREAS, Terrorism promotes Islam’s radical ideology on non-Muslims or those who aren’t Muslim enough, such as home-grown terrorists or terrorist organizations, including Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and ISIS.  Reject.


WHEREAS, Jihad is the special name and activity of an Allah-Inspired “Holy war” against all non-believers and those who aren’t Muslim enough, and who seek our total subjugation under Sharia.  Reject.


WHEREAS, Funding for Jihad involves collecting/funneling illicit monies to support terrorism and terrorist organizations in their war against non-Muslims, and those who aren’t Muslim enough; including the 2% of all Halal proceeds that is required to support jihad for Allah.  Reject.


WHEREAS, Taqiyya (lying and deceit) is used by Islamists with Allah’s blessing to confound the truth of radical Islamic ideology of supremacy upon non-Muslims and those who aren’t Muslim enough.  Reject.


WHEREAS, Any (all) radical Islamic ideologue(s), past and present, who promote(s) radical Islamic ideology of supremacy, murder, beheadings, slavery, rape, torture, polygamy, child marriages; and stealing property, wealth, women and children of non-Muslims and those who aren’t Muslim enough, are really false Muslims.  Reject.


WHEREAS, Islam, promoted as a Religion of Peace, is false, its true objective is the total subjugation of all others; Islamists and supporters use taqiyya (lying) to promote Islam as a religion of peace.  It may be a religion of peace for Muslims but not for non-Muslims and those who aren’t Muslim enough.  Reject.


WHEREAS, The Caliphate, is a dangerous Islamic entity, encapsulating a large body of Muslims under Sharia law governed by a totalitarian caliph, whose objective is total subjugation of all non-Muslims under that law.  Reject. 


WHEREAS, many cultural issues separating Muslims from non-Muslims exist, such as polygamy, husbands as “head-of-state” with rights to beat/kill wives/family members; restricted freedoms for women; and Islamic Calls to Prayer (adhan) over loudspeakers to chagrin of neighbors.  Reject.

Now therefore, we the infidels, and perhaps other non-believers, welcome Muslims who accept US law and culture into our society. We hereby petition all Muslims, moderate or otherwise, and their leaders, to recognize these issues and adopt principles that are in agreement with those who reject religious supremacy and seek a reformation of Islam, like other socially acceptable 21st Century religions. 

[Petition-against-Islamist-Ideology.docx; 05/05/2018; lbm]

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