ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ
ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

Jihad is Offensive


My "offended" vs Your "Offended."   So you are offended?  Well I am too, as a result of your Jihad:


I am offended by the hate and anger in the Koran against non-Muslims.


I am offended that for Muslims to feel good about their political doctrine Islam they must restrict my freedom of speech and thought.


I am offended by the oppression and persecution of other religions in every counry where Muslims dominate.


I am offended by the hate preached in the mosques, written in Islamic books, and pamphlets trhoughtut the Islamic world.


I am offended by honor killings, forced marriages, and female genital mutilation (FMG).


I am offended by countless videos of Muslims shouting "Allah Akbar" as they behead hostages, shoot innocents, and bomb civilians.


I am offended by the fact that Muslims must place all their problems on others.


I am offended by the constant denials that terrorism has anything to do with Islam when it enjoys broad support in the Muslim world.


I am offended by the Muslims who put SHARIA (Islamic) Law above the US CONSTITUTION while living in the United States.


I am offended by the Muslim riots and murders around trhe world over a harmless cartoon.


Do you really want to know what is offensive?  How about a group of ISLAMIC terrorsts yelling "ALLAH AKBAR? as they murdered 450 children while in a school during the 2004 mass slaughter in Beslan, Russa. 


[Source:  Jyllands posters, Denmark] 





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