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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ



Jihadists Love to Hate

Jihadists,Islamists & Terrorists need Love Too.

love is a wonderful thing -- everyone needs to receive and give love, including Islamists, jihadists, pious Muslims and militants. These fellows  are especially "rich" in their love of hate and violence to achieve their expectations, as illustrated below:   

They love violence and war; they love killing kafirs, infidels, and non-believers typically in sadistic ways, such as cutting off victim's heads; etc.;

They love plundering other peoples' property, e
specially their women and children, to enslave them as slaves and sex objects;

They love depriving women of their rights and freedom;  

And they love to marry girls at a very young age.

Much of this love came from Bin Laudin who said that Islamists love death; while infidels, kafirs, and non-believers love life.   [Source:  Dr. L. McCurdy]




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