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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

Submitted by B. Webb,
November 5, 2018


My security clearance was pulled the moment I stepped out the door (upon retirement), because I did not have a specific post-retirement job lined up that I could immediately step into and that required a security clearance. Thus, it makes me sick in my stomach to hear about all these clowns from the Obama administration, many of whom have broken numerous laws as admitted by the DOJ itself, still holding their security clearances a year and a half after leaving Government service.


As for John Brennan, I knew him in the late 90s from his Riyadh days. At that time I had great respect for him. He was a competent administrator as Chief of Station, and never exhibited any political bias that I could detect. However, his actions since 2008, and especially over the last two years have undermined all the respect I once had for him.


While he was CIA director he had U.S. senators spied on (including some Democrats), then lied about it under oath to Congress (which he later admitted), and should have had his security clearance pulled at that time and sent out the door. But, unfortunately, Obama enjoyed keeping corruption around him (ref. James Comey, Robert Mueller, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Rod Rosenstein, Suzan Rice, James Clapper, and many more. Obama’s failure aside, Trump should have pulled Brennan’s security clearance on day one after the inauguration.


Aside from lying to Congress, Britain’s MI6 has intelligence that could put Brennan in Ft. Lauderdale, much less lose his clearance. Brennan was the ring leader in terms of acquiring, and paying for (with tax payer money), the salacious digitally altered “compromising” information from a pair of rogue Russian cyber-intelligence geeks, then peddling it to John McCain and others, and getting his puppet James Clapper to leak it to CNN (another violation of law, but that paved the way for Clapper to land a cushy job with CNN after retirement). And Trump had to “think” about pulling Brennan’s clearance for a year and a half? Give me a break! 


Security clearances are a privilege, and not a right. So, to hear all the morons in the media crying about Brennan losing his clearance, and equating that with losing his right of Free Speech (even though he is still employed by MSNBC, and his still spewing his lies and hate), and comparing Trump’s action with that of a tinpot dictator, is a disgrace to journalism.


These are the same people who gave Obama a pass on Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, and Benghazi. The Brennan/”deep state” plot to throw the 2016 presidential election, and failing that, to undermine a duly elected U.S. president, is the news story of the century—and our “beloved” media is totally ignoring it.


These media mavens now say they don’t like being termed “enemies of the people.” Well, if they don’t like being called “enemies of the people” then they should stop acting like “enemies of the people.” Why not try telling the truth once in a while? Why not try dispensing with the double standards once in a while? Why not try reporting the real news now and then?


All of these media mavens, from Carl Bernstein on down to the lowlifes on haMaSNBC, complaining about Trump pulling Brennan’s clearance know that the President of the United States has the constitutional right to pull the security clearance of any individual that he wants to—with, or without cause.


They know that, but are making a big deal out of it for one reason and one reason only, and this is to stir up hate against Trump, and Trump supporters, and to sow more division among the American people. I guess they think this will increase their ratings. But what they don’t realize that it is exactly that sort of dishonesty, “fake news,” double standards, and their total out of touch with reality that caused people to vote for Trump.


Posted November 5, 2018 by B. Webb, NSA (ret.), and former Democrat

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