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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

Outlaw Islamism in America


Here is an excellent way to consider going on the psychological “Psyops” offense against “radical” Islam in America that will go a long way towards putting CAIR on the defense with “moderate” Islam in America by having to explain to “moderate” Islam just how and why Islamic Sharia’h Law conforms to the U.S. Constitution:


Goggle every domestic Muslim web site you can find on the Internet.  Search those sites for the e-mail addresses of Imams, mosques and other Muslim organizations and memberships.  As you go through the web sites collecting the addresses prepare e-mail address books.  You will find Muslim Student Organizations have web pages on just about every university and college web site in America.  Go get'em!


You will end up with some amount of addresses - maybe scores or perhaps hundreds depending on how thorough you search - the more the better - and it may take you hours to prepare the books.  What could be a better use of your spare time?  If you were a Muslim in America how would you react to receiving OUTLAW ISLAM IN AMERICA perhaps hundreds of times a month from different sources?


E-mail the attached OUTLAW ISLAM IN AMERICA article to every Muslim e-mail address book you have prepared.


Don't stop with Muslims.  Google your State's Democrat and Republican Party web sites -  Search the sites for the e-mails addresses of County Leaderships and members addresses of local affiliated political clubs.  Don't bother to e-mail the elected officials listed, but have faith that they will hear from their supporters soon enough.  Better the inquires to them come from their known supporters than an outsider. 


Google the web sites and search out e-mail addresses of groups like the ACLU (especially the ACLU), FBI, CIA, SCOTUS, DOJ, Homeland Security, Secret Service, etc, school districts, police depts, county sheriff's, fire stations, first responders, social service groups like the Masons, Elks, Knights of Columbus, Rotary, veterans orgs., etc, etc.etc.  Over time, as you find the time, work to get any and every American group involved in your work through Internet contact.  Keep in mind you have targeted a specific audience, not just taking a shotgun approach to getting the word out.  You will be amazed at some of the responses you get that will let you know you're efforts are creating interest on a broad scale.  As you hear in the news about Muslim created incidents in cities or towns around the country go to the web sites of those places and e-mail pro-American, anti-Muslim information to all officials with e-mail addresses listed on those web sites.


 TIPS learned from four years experience in targeted group e-mailing you may want to note:


When setting up address books keep each book at about 40/45 names to insure the e-mail gets forwarded and not, for instance depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP), returned as undeliverable. Also, don't mail more than one or two books per hour to prevent, again depending your Internet Service Provider's automatic SPAM detection system, from maybe blocking your outbound mail.


When e-mailing the lists use the BCC (blind carbon copy) option so each recipient may think only they received the attachment mailed; rather than realize their organization is being targeted.  


Don't send more than one mailing every month or two to any address- giving recipients time to digest the information and not overwhelming them with strange e-mail out of the blue.


As an introduction for e-mailing say something like "Don't know if you have seen the attached file before, but if not, thought you might find it informative and useful"


When getting argumentative name calling replies handle them with diplomacy by turning the tables on them, so to speak, with facts they can’t refute using their gutter tactics against them to further make your points- or simply ignore them with no reply.  It's great to argue hardcore Muslins and leftists down with facts when all they can do is resort to name calling.


When getting responses asking where you got their name usually don't tell them or simply don't reply.


When getting a response to remove that person’s name from your mailing remove them from the list.


Expect maybe one or two persons per list to ask for removal.


Continue mailing to all who reply or do not reply and expect 10/15% of the mail to be returned as non-deliverable.  Just like telephone books addresses listed change over time


In order to avoid repetition in content and plan future mailings keep records of the dates and content of each mailing.  When setting up multiple address books for the same group use a coded system something like maybe ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, etc, and this will also help you find the addresses of those who ask to be removed from your mailing.


Unless you otherwise see fit to don’t give out your street address, city, state or phone number.  Who you are is not important to recipients and they can either agree or disagree as they choose.  What’s important is that the information is getting out there to that group.  Paraphrasing, Washington, who said in support of the 1st Amendment “If the people are kept honestly aware of public issues they will do the right thing.”  In this case you are providing the honest 1st Amendment information about Islam “the people” aren’t getting from the leftist mass media.


Use this system as an education Force-Multiplier on the 2 political parties, especially the Democrat/demagogue Party where national public policy is now mostly being formulated.  Keep in mind what deceased, former 30+ year Democrat Speaker of the House, Tip ONeill,  said "all politics is local" and remember Islam in America is using the Democrat Party and the ACLU as its protected platforms for civilization jihad. 


DEFINITION : "education Force-Multiplier" One person by e-mail can rattle the cages of hundreds perhaps thousands of Muslims every month or so - just think of what a thousand people could do.


Good Luck - and if I left anything out that will help you I'll follow up -  don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions - and thanks again for your participation.


Best All American Christian anti-Islamic Regards,

Charlie Russell

PS.  If you have a printer and a copy machine there is another easy, cost free and most effective way to spread the word about Islam:  As an active American patriot you most likely receive dozens of snail mail requests each month from other patriotic organizations asking for donations.  Many of those requests will come with postage paid return envelopes.  Print out or copy information about Islam you select and use those postage free envelopes to mail it back to them and you can be sure it will get right to the top.  Too, be assured that through your informative efforts over time many other organizations will join the fight against Islam in America.

PPS. Don’t ever get discouraged.

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