ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ
ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

Secularist or Islamist?
Some Food for Thought


"Secularists" are Muslims who don't follow Sharia Law,    

"Islamists" are Muslims who do follow Sharia law." 


Between the two, you are probably safer around the former, not the latter.  Why?  

Because most (all) Islamists follow the radical Islamic Ideology, whose long-term objective is the complete overthrow of all non-Islamic societies.  They  seek the replacement of  their culture with Sharia law under a strict theocratic fascist government directed entirely by Islamic law; whether they like it or not. 

Non-believers are given three choices under Islamic law:  convert to Islam, submit to Islamic rule with heavy taxation (a condition known as Dhimmitude), or accept death. 

Contrary to this, secularists tend to be moderate and don't subscribe to the forced submission of non-Islamic cultures to Islamic ideology and Sharia Law.   


You are encouraged to read about Islamic history to learn how Islam has invaded non-Islamic cultures and did-away with their host cultures; typically by continued coercion, fear, and force, as needed.  The most current example being Lebanon, which used to be a Christian country but now is primarily Islamic; after a painful civil war in the 1970's.  A good place to start your read is  "Because They Hate," by Brigitte Gabriel, founder and President of ACT for America.  



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