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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ


Some Concerns with Sharia



"We don’t want to democratize Islam,

we want to Islamize democracy!”

[Imam Abdul Malik of Brooklyn, NY. 2009]


[by Ahmed Nadhif]  The current conflict between Islam and modern human rights illustrates the "challenge" of "modernizing Islam."


There is a fundamental conflict between the Koran and any attempt at "modernization" Because the Koran doe not permit any change to its content -- it is believed to be the precise word of Allah, and can't be modified in any way.  


This is an illustration of the futility and the impotence of the would-be "modernizers" interviewed in Christine Douglass-Williams' new book, "The Challenge of Modernizing Islam."



Sharia law does not change merely because some Moslems choose not to follow it. [Sharia law remains, and it will be taught and preached in every mosque.]


[Source: Ideology of Islam, by Ahmed Nadhif, an independent writer and Journalist,]

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