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What I Learned from 9/11/2001

Lyle McCurdy, February 23, 2019

Remember 9/11/2001? The day that 19 radicalized Islamists attacked the twin towers in New York City?  I found myself wondering why 19 Islamists would do such a hing.  Prior to the attack, I thought Islam was a benign religion like others  However, on a bright sunny morning in New York City, 19 radicalized Islamists did attack the United States of America. The "why" became the major question that overcame me as a result of the attack on the two world trade towers om 09/11/2001.  The attack impacted me very negatively.


Some definitions  for  our readers

Believer -- One who follows the Islamic ideology.

Non-believer -- one who does not follow the Islamic ideology.

Islamist -- a Muslim who follows the strict Islamic fundamentalist ideology to war against all non-believers as defined in the Koran.

Infidel -- one  who was a Muslim but has left the  faith.  This act is punishable by death.      

Jihadist -- a Muslim who follows the strict Islamic fundamentalist ideology to war against all non-believers as defined in the Koran, with additional jihad directives from the sunna (records) of Mohammed's words and deeds.   

Kafir (singular), Kuffaar (plural) -- an ugly slang word used to describe a non-believer. Other descripters include:  filthy, dirt-bag, scumbag, etc. Hated by Allah. 

Koran = Quran = Qur'an -- Islam's most highest book of Islam's ideology; it contains directives for how Muslims are to treat other Muslims; and directives for Muslims how to treat non-believers.  

Sharia Law = Shariah Law = Islamic law.  Sharia law is defined in another important Islamic book called "The Reliance of the Traveller."  This book covers all aspects of Islam, from religion, politics, prayer, food, dress, social norms, attending mosque, financial operations, cleansing oneself, treating other Muslims, treating non-Muslims, zakat (tything), jihad, marriage and divorce, and more.   

My Lessons Learned

Lesson #1.  I learned that Islamic ideology is not benign.  My "aha" point that started me on learning about Islam ideology. was 9/11/01 – before then I felt that Islam was just another benign religion mixed in the melting pot of other benign religions. Islam’s ideology is not benign, nor is it peaceful to non-believers.

Lesson #2.  WHY did they do it?   Why would 19 terrorists and their planning and financial supporters plot to do such a thing? To answer this question, an evaluation of what Islam’s Ideology is all about was needed. My learning about Islam’s ideology began then, and has continued to the present.  My initial phase of understanding this new threat to our homeland was to learn that the terrible event was instigated by a radical enemy bent on forcing non-believers to accept their radical Islamist beliefs or die.  Islam’s ideology is supremist and warrants death to all non-believers.

Lesson #3.  Islam is a political-social - religious system.  Here, I learned that the Islamic ideology is based upon a supremist hate-based system designed to kill all non-believers from "the face of the earth;" a system developed by Islam's revered prophet, Mohammed, about 1400 years ago in the land of Arabia.  He sought to conquer as many cities and countries as possible under the green banner of Islam whether they wanted it or not. 

At the beginning,only a few friends and family members accepted Mohammed's new Islam. Eventually he moved his followers from Mecca to Medina where he began using jihad tactics to attack rich caravans passing by. He recruited new followers from amongst their men (killing those who didn't want to join him); stealing caravan's goods and wealth, and taking their women and children as (sex) slaves. Over time, he became very wealthy, successful and powerful.  Eventually, he conquered the entire land of Arabia under the banner of Islam.


Lesson #4. Islam is at war with kafirs & truth  speech.  I learned that Islamists are at war with us, our freedoms, our government, our religious beliefs, our schools, our way of life, our entire culture, our laws, and our freedom of speech. I learned that Islamists want to deny U.S. citizens their right of free speech. They want to criminalize truth speech into "hate speech," punishable under the law. 

By doing so, Islamists can then use the law to stop truth-speakers from telling the truth about the true objective of Islamic ideology. This is preposterous in America. However, there is considerable pressure from many Muslim and Islamist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and citizen "useful idiots" who will do Islamist bidding to change truth-speech into hate speech.  

The attack on the twin towers was done by the 19 Islamist terrorists with the financial and related support of Islamists back home who helped them plan and fund the attack.  All of them were seeking to force non-believers to accept Islam, pay a heavy jizya (poll tax), or death.  Remember that Islam is at war with all non-believers.


Lesson #5.  The lies of taqiyya (lying).  I learned that many Muslims lie to non-believers because they are told to do so as dictated by Allah in the Koran. jihad includes a war tactic, very useful  in confounding non-believers. Taqiyya is the practice of lying or deceiving the enemy, as long as it benefits Islam. Remember that the enemies of Allah are all non-believers, which means everyone else who isn't a Muslim is a foe of Allah. The 19 terrorists made extensive use of taqiyya when they lied to the passengers in the three doomed aircraft to not worry, nothing is wrong or will happen. 

Then  "crash" they were no more. The 19 hijackers lied through their teeth, and then killed everyone on board. Important:  it only took 19 hi-jackers to murder almost 3,000 innocent civilians. A few armed jihadists with their guns and lies can terrorize a community. They can do great damage to a very large number of individuals. To disarm oneself to the government is nonsense. 


What hatred they had for the passengers in the three aircraft, as they told the passengers that nothing was going to happen, then, "crash" they were no more. Hence another big lesson about non-believers working with Islamic ideology and Islamists -- don’t trust them,they will lie to your face and stab you in the back. Islamists use Taqiyya to get their way with infidels.

A few terrorists with weapons can easily disarm and subdue a community under fear of violence.  

Lesson #6. Islam has four facets: Miltant, religious, political and social.

I have learned that each facet has a role to play as Islam penetrates a host society.  First  is social -- immigration jihad; get  the Muslim population accepted. Then grow the Muslin population using demographic warfare  with large families. Begin using 
civilizational jihad to gain positions of leadership and political power, to undermine existing positions.


Then grow in power. I learned that jihadists plan to grow in power until theiy have the political advantage; Then start a civil war, and eventually take over the host country and its culture. The host's original culture is to be discarded.  

Lesson #7.  More about demographic warfare.   Here, I learned that immigration can be used as a form of demographic jihad.


The host society's leaders and useless idiots remain in the dark about the truth and danger hidden in the demographic time bomb of high Muslim birth rates that will overshadoww those of the host society's birthrate. 


Unless means are found to stop this invasion, the host society faces a complete Islamization of their culture. Their original culture weill be wiped out and disappear from the host land altogether. If the Islamists play their cards correctly an Islamic win can be achieved via political action instead of bullets.  Meanwhile  the Islamists will invoke all facets of life under Sharia over all non-believers, whether they want it or not. 

Lesson #8.  Islam succeeds using Mohammed's jihadist techniques..  In this lesson, I learned that Islamist leaders are seeking the return of the Islamic "Caliphate," under a Caliph who will impose strict fascist totalitarian government based upon Sharia law over all, believers and non-believers alike. This on-going world-conquest movement under Sharia law has been on-going for over 1400 years, starting when Mohammed used the sword to convert infidels to Islam circa 600AD.  Today's jihadists here in America and elsewhere are masters of jihad, using Mohammed's "treasure-trove" of violent and hateful jihadist  tools and techniques to use in his place.  

Lesson #9. Sharia law is an existentialist threat to kafir countries. I learned that jihadists believe world conquest under Sharia is inevitable; it is their destiny.  Especially since the Koran directs them to use killing, beheading, maiming, stealing, enslaving and invading techniques to force host countries to converet to Islam. Note, Islam's enemies don' t use such techniques, which may put them at a disadvantage leading to their eventual loss.                                                                                                          

Mohammed used political force under the mask of religion, to conquer Arabia and many other countries under the banner of Islam. His followers from then to now use his hateful ideology as they conquer country after country; they all become experts in what they do.    

 As an example, think Lebanon; it was a successful Christian nation, until the early seventies. Then, over time, the Muslims gained strength to start and win a civil war.

Lesson #10.  America's Barbary War. Radical Islam hit America in the 16th century when our revolutionary war with England ended, and we were no longer under the protection of the Crown.  Here, I learned that during the "Barbary Wars," Islamic pirate ships captured our ships, took US sailors hostage, and demanded huge ransom payments. The Islamists also demanded excessive "protection" monies to keep pirate ships from attacking their ships.  Over time, this had to stop.  The Islamists were bleeding the young country to death with huge ransom and protection demands. 

I also learned that It is an error to think that current USA policies caused 9/11/01; and to think that if we give in to the jihadist demands, they will stop their attacks against us. Think again, the jihadists have attacked us a number of times for political and/or religious reasons. Now, like the Barbary Pirates, they hate us, our freedoms, our laws, our evil society norms, etc.; and their Koran demands that they attack us and other kafirs for not believing in Allah. 


Lesson #11.  The Islamists hate us for religious reasons.   I learned that many useful idiots believe that if we play nice to the invading Islamists, and submit to their demands, they will treat us nicely.  Wrong – they hate us because of our culture and beliefs. The invader's jihad laws and religious demands require that they continue to wage war on us until we capitulate, submit, accept dhimmi status, or death.  And the useful ideiots will be killed right along wih all other non-believers.

I learned that being nice to them will not guarantee anything! Eventually, the young country's leaders learned that it took force to stop the heinous attacks and demands. They built a navy and fiercely attacked the Islamist hijackers and finally stopped the attacks. The  young country's leaders learned an important lesson -- it takes force, and lots of it to stop their heinous attacks and demands.

Lesson #12. Islam grows by, coercion conversion, immigration, subversion, high birthrate demographics, and terror, all with one primary objective; the conversion of non-believers to Islam under Sharia law.  The Islamists believe Sharia law is required, by Allah, for everyone, whether they want it or not.  If we lose, our culture, freedoms guaranteed by the American Constitution, etc., will be lost; probably forever.

Lesson #13. The Quran is Islam's most holy book. The Quran is believed to contain the exact words of god (Allah) for all mankind, not Just Muslims, but everybody, all under a re-established Caliphate (a religious-political entity over all Muslims living under the Sharia). A picture of a Quran is shown below. The Quran cannot be changed in any way, edited or revised. It contains numerous chapters and surras (verses) that command believers how to live according to their faith, and also how to conduct jihad against non-believers. Two examples are provided below:


Quran 9:5   "So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them."

Quran 9:29   “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture - [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.”

The Quran contains numerous chapters and surras (verses) that command believers how to live according to their faith. The Quran also directs believers how to conduct jihad against non-believers. 

A good book that reorganizes the Koran into an easy-to-read chronological order is Bill Warner's book "An Abridged Koran, The Reconstructed Historical Koran," published by CSPI (Center for the Study of Political Islam), 2006.  It  can be purchased online at  


Lesson #14.  The Reliance of the Traveller (Islamic Law or Sharia Law).  A picture of the Traveller, is shown below.  This is another important holy Islamic text that spells out the legal codes that directs Muslims how to live under a religious-social-political entity.  This includes directions regarding prayer, worship, attending mosque, dress, food codes, punishment codes (some barbaric for stealing etc., and death for  homosexuality), death for apostacy (leaving Islam), men and women's rights (limited for women), marriage and divorce, how to treat fellow Muslims and how to treat non-believers living as dhimmis (second-class peoples who must pay a heavy pol tax (zakat) under strict Islamic rule (how to conduct war against Islam's enemies, non-believers).

A good book about Sharia Law is available from Bill Warner, "SHARIA LAW FOR THE  NON-MUSLIM," Published by CSPI (Center for the Study of Political Islam), 2010.  It can be purchased online at 




Lesson #15. Read Islam's Holy Books. I learned that Islam has three primary holy books:  the Quran, the Reliance of the Traveller, and the sunnna.  A picture of the Quran and The Reliance of the Traveller. are shown below.  A third set of important Islamic ideological  books is the surra.  The surra is a compilation of Mohammed's sayings and deeds, is columinous in size,  and won't be discussed here.

A photograph of a typical Quran, Islam's most holy book, is shown at the left. The Quran, is the most esteemed and highest holy book in Islam. 

The Quran contains many directives of  the religious aspects and political aspects of Islam that direct how Islamists are to treat non-believers as second-class citizens and worse, including Muslims who may not be  "Islamic" enough.

A photograph of Islam''s legal book "The Reliance of the 'Traveller," is shown at the left.  This text contains the legal directives that defines Islam's religious, social  and political beliefs and practices. It defines all the laws and regulations that control the lives of Muslims.   

In those countries that are primarily Islamic, Sharia become part of the laws of the land, many with criminal retribution if not followed correctly.


In your study of Islam, these two books should be on your required reading list.  


The study of the Koran is difficult because its chapters are organized by length, not by chronological order; it is composed from the longest chapter to the smallest. Different versions of the Koran are available online; some free and others for a cost.  A good book to study the Koran in a chronological order is Robert Spencer's book "The Complete Guide to the KORAN," Distributed by Perseus Distribution, NYC, 2009.


Lesson #16.   Mohammed -- The prophet of Islam. I learned that Mohammed is revered as the final Prophet of  Allah, and that he received numerous visions regarding his new religion, Islam.  From my studies I have also learned that to understand Islam, one needs to understand Mohammed. And to study Mohammed is a daunting task; there is a lot to learn. One good place to start is a book by Bill Warner: "Mohammed, Allah, and Politics, The Islamic Political Doctrine,"  In this book, Mr. Warner provides a detailed list of things that shed light upon Mohammed and his rules of jihad that he developed and used to spread his new religion, Islam, throughout non-believers' lands.  Mohammed's new religion is primarily political with some religion included.

Lesson  #17.  Dhimmitude I learned that Sharia Law provides special 3rd-class rules in the Traveller for non-believers living under a "protected-status" (as dhimmi's under dhimmitude) of Muslim rule. The Traveller spells out all the rules for non-believers living as dhimmis under Muslim rule. 

These rules tend to be strict, harsh, and mean-spirited regarding dress, limits on how dhimmis can practice their religion, prepare foods, and day-to-day living standards etc., and pay up to 50% of their income as a poll tax.   


Lesson #18.  The Muslim Brotherhood (MB).  I learned that the MB is the leading organization guiding the conversion of non-Muslim countries into Islamic countries under the banner of Sharia. The MB was started in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, a few years after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1924.  The MB is the primary "voice" of Islamic political activity around the world. 

I learned that the MB touts itself as non-violent, while using taqiyya, sedition and subversion "underground" to change America into an Islamic country under Sharia Law; with its existing culture and laws discarded.  Their secret objective is to convert the  USA into what I call "The Islamic States of America," or equivalent.

The MB seeks this objective quietly using "soft" or "civilization" jihad  while their jihadist brothers use other means, such as violence and terror tactics,  to achieve the same goal. Both organizations may use
 gullible leaders and useful idiots in government positions to help achieve this goal. The MB is a dangerous organization that presents an existential threat to our country and others.

The MB's motto helps them see their way:  

Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law.  Jihad is our way.  Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. 

A good book regarding the MB is "THE BROTHERHOOD, AMERICA'S NEXT GREAT ENEMY," by Erick Stakelbeck. Published by REGENERY, 2013.   

Concluding Remarks
and Suggestions

In summary, a study of Islamic ideology is a complex problem.  However, it is imperative that we do so -- in order to defeat this enemy.  We must know this enemy in depth. 


Summary (1).  Jihadists want to deny US citizens their right of free speech here in the USA to speak the truth about Islamic ideology. They want to criminalize truth speech into hate speech; punishable under the law.  This is preposterous in America.  However, there is considerable pressure to do so by useful-idiot politicians in WDC etc. It is happening now in many of the countries in Europe.

Summary (2).  Don't trust random Islamists you may meet from time to time.  They may hide their inner motives and probably use taqiyya to help lead you astray. 


Summary (3).  Reject Islam's statements  that Islam itself to be supreme over all notions else in religious ideology, political ideologies, civil ideologies, and personal ideologies. Islamists believe it is Islam's destiny to rule the entire planet and everything on it.  This is nonsense.

Summary (4).  Be aware that Islamists are directed by Allah to do "holy" jihad on all non-believers at any place, any time, or any person. 

Summary (5). Be aware of taqiyya - that Islamists and others, may use the religious principle of lying to others to promote Islam.  

Summary (6).  Jihadists are America--phobes (i.e., America- haters)  who work hard to eradicate non-believer societies and lands who are the automatic enemy of Islam, and seek to change us into the "Islamic States of America."  We nonbelievers must work hard to prevent America--phobes from undermining America by winning political power within our government who support Sharia Law, and hatred towards-non-believers etc. 

Summary (7). Include reading the Quran, and The Reliance of the Traveller (Sharia Law), as aa part of your education about Islamic Ideology.


The End





[by Dr. Goldberg,
expert on fundamentalist Islamism]

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