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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

CAIR & Common-Core (Education)

What EXACTLY is Common Core?


Essentially it is a standardized, all-out assault on learning: it is designed to further lower schools standards and is supported by the teachers' unions which have a self-serving interest in avoiding as much accountability as possible; the lower the standards, the less push back against the teachers, too many of whom are failing the young trapped in the government schools. The over arching ideology that shapes this agenda is far leftist ideology, that is  much more intense and deliberately focused than that which tends to be a somewhat sporadic, less uniform at present. 

Okay. But can you give us some examples.

The curriculum even includes teaching math in such a way, that non ideological Math experts who have looked at the proposed programs are telling us that "it marks the end of improvement in education." Moreover it devalues and de-emphasizes traditional literary works in favor of song lyrics and of course, government documents. I am willing to bet that these documents will be carefully cropped to make the left all-powerful and the only channel of the flow of such information, or should we say disinformation?


These are for starters.  Why is this happening?


The left, in order to increase its hegemony, its total control, permanently, since we are still  "a democracy" of sorts, that is, requires an absolutely ignorant as possible cadre of voters. It isn't enough that the mainstream media, almost all of the organs of the dissemination of vital information are in collusion with the left and extremely dangerous, double faced organizations, such as CAIR, it is necessary to destroy any vestige of Constitution-upholding citizens if at all possible. It is too late for the older generation who were not indoctrinated in the government schools, but the young are vulnerable.


Currently only five states do not have any aspect of the Common Core curriculum programs. Maine is not one of them, most unfortunately. The five states are Alaska, Texas, Nebraska, Virginia and Minnesota.


There are many logos for the various subsets of Common Core, one of which is an apple that has been bitten into on both sides. This reminds me of the serpent in the garden with Eve who has taken a bite out of the apple - she chooses what is good and evil, not God - then hands the apple to Adam who eats of it also. The apple has always been a symbol for the teacher, but as an unblemished, whole fruit, until now.


I believe that this is why Obama wants to begin with mandating school for impoverished 4 year olds, under the pretext of preparing them for a global economy, to further Common Core. Once the public becomes used to this, then it will be mandated for all 4 year olds. Five years is just too old - Mom and Dad may have already begun to instill the ideal of true liberty and the natural law principles that go hand in hand. By this time, he and his so-called Department of Justice and other agencies will have striven to have home schooling outlawed. If he is no longer in office, the war against normalcy and meritorious standards will  be carried on with whatever means are available to those still entrenched in government agencies where policy is issued.  [Source:; author not provided]


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