ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ
ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

Introduction to CAIR


CAIR in their Muslim-American relationships doesn't honor US law, but makes demands upon business to comply with Sharia law even if they don't want to, or if it may hurt business practices.  

CAIR promotes Sharia creep, the process where Islamists use American culture and/or legal processes to force US companies to change their rules to comply with Sharia.  The opposite is not true.


CAIR force US companiesto require infidel employees to attend Islamic sensitivity training classes.  But never the reverse.


Empoyess are not allowed to criticise any Islamic ideology or practices.

CAIR has required some companies to provide special washing facilities for Muslim emploes to wash prior to prayer, five ties per day. 

CAIR forces companies to provide special time off for prayer five times per day. Special prayer rooms must also be provided.

CAIR has helped force mixed use swiming facilities to change their policy and force men away during women swiming periods.  The facilities were also required to cover windows to prevent boys from watching the ladies during their swimming times.



Sharia law, which is a combination of the Quran and fatwas, calls for punitive treatment of people who insult Islam

Fatwa based Sharia law has called for harsh punishment for people who criticize Islam or Muhammad.  Some well known fatwas called for the death of 
Salman Rushdie, “Innocence of Muslims” film producers and actors and Gainesville Florida Pastor Jerry Jones

CAIR pushes an Islamist political agenda which demands that the market place embrace tenets of Sharia that millions of Americans find to be oppressive and offensive.  Many of the tenets of Sharia law are antithetical to the rights afforded citizens by the United States Constitution.

Islamist led sensitivity training stifles the free speech of people who are rightfully concerned about Islam’s oppressive, subjugating and hostile customs.  

  In this case, sensitivity training would abuse the power of the employer’s paycheck to elevate the rights of one group over another.




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