ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ
ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ





(Most of the following intelligence was gleaned from two hastily put together reports by the Clarion project.  I have unscrambled them and here present the basic facts in a (more or less) chronological order along with comments and analysis by my self to clarify issues.)



More evidence of the New Mexico cult’s al-Qaeda connections has surfaced.  We will start with the father of the supposed leader of the cult, Siraj Wahhaj.  His mosque in New York was attended by Muhammad Atta, the ring leader of the 9/11 operation.  Wahhaj Sr. was also linked to Islamist camps in upstate New York and other states where “military-style” training took place.



One of Siraj Wahhaj’s daughters, Hujrah Wahhaj, and the son, Siraj ibn Siraj Wahhaj ran a security-related business in Georgia.  


Law enforcement, listen up.  Islamist radicals often set up security companies as a means for legally acquiring weapons and getting access to advanced weapons training.  In this capacity, Wahhaj Jr. took multiple firearms classes at the Atlanta Firearms Training Center in 2015. In the 1990s it was radical Muslims suddenly taking an interest in learning to fly (but not land).  Now, in the twenty-teens, it is radical Muslims setting up security companies and taking firearms training from legitimate training centers. Why? Connect the dots.



In 2004, Wahhaj Jr. flew to Saudi Arabia out of New York City.  During questioning TSA agents detected Pentax, an ingredient used in bomb-making, on him.  Yet, he was not detained. Worse, he still had not raised any red flags. Conclusion: Though he had no bombs on him, or bomb-making materials, the Pentax evidence indicates that he had been experimenting with bomb-making ingredients prior to passing through New York.



It just keeps getting more and more bizarre.  Wahhaj Jr. was not the leader of the Taos cult.  The actual leader was his wife, Jany Leveille originally from Haiti.  As you know, in Haiti there is a long, strong tradition of beliefs in the really weird occult stuff like black magic and Voodoo which has affected Christian beliefs there.  Well, it seems that it has also affected Islamic beliefs there too, because Leveille is a strong believer in “Black Magic.”



Jany Laveille assumed the name of “Maryam” (which is the Arabic/Hebrew/Aramaic) pronunciation of “Mary” so as to identify herself with Mary the mother of Jesus.  She claims that Allah talks to her through the angel Gabriel (just as Muhammad claimed).


But wait!  Here is were it really gets weird.  

In 2017 Siraj Wahhaj Jr. went to Saudi Arabia again where he met Jany Leveille who brought him under her spell.   He then informed his wife in Georgia by whom he had the three year-old child, that he was divorcing her.


While Wahhaj Jr. was already likely “radicalized” through his father, Leveille’s influence took him over the cliff.  And this should remind us of the San Bernadino affair, where a seemingly normal American Muslim went to Saudi Arabia on Hajj . . . where he met the woman who radicalized him, married him, and together they plotted and pulled the San Bernadino massacre.  



Returning to the states, fellow cult member Lucas Morton, purchased the ten acre plot of land out in New Mexico, and they all took off for there—but not before kidnapping Abdul-Ghani, Wahhaj Jr.’s son by his now divorced wife.


This, divorced wife’s notification of the kidnapping with the police is the only reason the FBI and local Taos area cops even bothered to look at the Taos compound out in the middle of the desert.  Which is another example of why we cannot afford to antagonize moderate Muslims as we try to roll up the more dangerous radicals and Muslim Brotherhood types.



Once out in the New Mexico compound, Jany Leveille (aka Maryam) got the other cult members, including Wahhaj Jr., to believe that the three-year-old boy with epilepsy (Abdul-Ghani) was supposed to have been her (Maryam’s) child, but his birth mother stole him using “black magic.”

Leveille (Maryam) then got the other cult members to believe that 3-year old Abdul-Ghani would soon die, and then he would be resurrected as Jesus.  In his Jesus iteration he would identify for the group which targets they should violently attack (teachers, schools, students, cops, government officials) with the idea of overthrowing the U.S. government.



Leveille had also convinced the group that she was the mahdi.  In my books I talk about three personages that are supposed to appear in the Latter Days, according to Islamic prophecies.  The first one is the mahdi (the guider) who is supposed to lead the people to the truth (Islam).   The dajjal (imposter), or anti-Christ then appears to undo the mahdi’s work.  But the mahdi’s work has paved the way for the return of Jesus Christ who will destroy the anti-Christ and force everyone to be Muslims (if they haven’t already converted.

This is why Leveille claimed to be the mahdi.  She was paving the way for Jesus.  This is also why she choose for herself the name “Maryam” (or Mary), and why she claimed to be the “real” mother of the kidnapped child who died, and why she claimed that HE  would come back as Jesus.



To sum up, here you have a group that has kidnapped a child, taken him across state lines, then basically killed him by withholding his medicine and performing exorcisms on him instead until he chocked to death on his own foam.  All the other 11 kids were living in pathetic conditions amounting to child abuse. At least one of the kids was being trained to conduct school shootings.


Kidnapping, child abuse, terrorism, and plans for school shootings and a dead body, and Liberal Democrat judge Sarah  Backus . . . let them go free.


Why did she let them go free?  Because of their skin color, and because they were Muslims.

The reactions of law enforcement was, “why do we even try?”


The reactions of other Islamic extremist groups was one of glee.  They now figure they can do anything, and if caught, they too will be let go free.



This is what happens when a society is dumb enough to elect Liberal-Leftist politicians to high office.  They appoint Liberal-Left judges like this person—and this endangers us all.



--Since the dead child’s father Siraj ibn Wahhaj was wanted in Georgia for abducting the child, he is still under arrest and heading to Georgia.

--Wahhaj Jr.’s new wife, Jany Lievelle (aka Maryam) was picked up by ICE on as an illegal immigrant.

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