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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ




The recently uncovered terrorist cell in Taos, New Mexico made me think of Deming in the southern part of the state.  Here’s why:


Some four years ago after giving a speech on Islam and terrorism to a local (Tucson) mystery writers’ group, one of the members stopped me just outside the hotel where the event was held, as I was leaving, and told me something interesting. 


J.M. (not his real name), happened to be from Deming, New Mexico and came to Tucson about two or three times a year to attend these writers’ club meetings because there were no Mystery writers’ groups anywhere near Deming.  Anyway, he told me that there were several Muslim families that had recently moved into Deming.  But the strange thing was that their menfolk worked in L.A., and would drive home to visit their families in Deming on the weekends.


I tried to downplay that to J.M. because most Muslims are not going to be terrorists, and we all know how expensive L.A. is, so can’t blame them for wanting to purchase homes in a small town where housing is only a fraction of what it is in L.A.  But ever since then, I’ve never been able to get that out of my mind.  Yeah, Deming, N.M. is a lot cheaper than L.A.—but so are a lot of other places.


It is a 13-hour drive from L.A. to Deming, one way—if one doesn’t stop for gas, food, or restroom breaks.  So, it’s more like 14-hours.  That’s 28 hours round trip.  Out of a 48- hour weekend.  Doesn’t leave much time for the family—especially since they’d have to grab some sleep sometime.  Just up the road from Deming is Lordsburg.  That’d shave 2-hours off their round trip.  Tucson is not much more expensive than Deming, New Mexico, and there are 20,000 Muslims here.  And, there are several mosques they could go to.  They could blend right in.  They would also save 6-hours, or more, round trip, of their precious weekend time.


Seems like a no-brainer.  Want to save even more time?  There’s places like Yuma, Kingman, and Las Vegas that are only a hop, skip, and jump from L.A.

So, why Deming, New Mexico? 


 Two years ago I learned of an ISIS training camp in Mexico, just west of Juarez.  It is also well known that ISIS groups, as well as al-Qaeda, have strong commercial relationships with the Latin drug cartels, and human smuggling cartels (which are the same as the drug cartels).  If one crosses the border into the United States just west of Juarez/el-Paso, one is heading close to . . . Deming, New Mexico.  Red flag #1


Several months ago I read of the border patrol picking up a solitary iindividual along an isolated country road that connects the Mexican border with Deming, N.M.  The individual was walking north, from the direction of the border, into New Mexico.  The person was an “illegal,” in that he had no papers at all . . . and, he was a Muslim male from a Middle Eastern country . . . walking from the Mexican border . . . walking towards Deming.  Imagine that?  Red Flag #2 


 So, this raises the question:  Could those “innocent-looking” Muslim families who have established residences in Deming, N.M. be planning to use that housing as “safe houses” for terrorists to hide out in prior to dispersing to other parts of the country?  Could that solitary individual picked up by the border patrol have been “testing the system” to see if one could slip across the border and walk to Deming without getting picked up?  Could others before him have already made that trek without getting spotted?  Red Flag #3


Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions.  Maybe there’s nothing to see here.  Maybe this is all “coincidence.”  Maybe.


But, if there is a future terrorist act where the perps have some connection to Deming, passed through Deming, or staged the act in Deming.  I, for one, would not be terribly surprised.  [Author: Barry Mead, October 2018]



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