ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ
ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ

What is CAIR?


CAIR is the acronym for The Council on American–Islamic Relations, a PR front group that presents the good face of Islam to the public. It has tentacles throughout government and the media that either knowingly or stupidly act as propaganda shills for Muslim extremists.

CAIR has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Both depend on preventing the public from seeing through their ultimate goals - Islam the dominant power and belief system in the world and the establishment of the Caliphate.
 Period. Only they cannot let us know this.

They exploit Americans' lack of common sense and reason 
in re "discrimination" in order to mis-direct our attention and change our ideas about Islam. The term Islamphobia is bandied about as if we are all evil for rejecting elements of Islam or all of it, as we should. One CAIR honcho on one of their web sites some time ago boasted about the group's ability to get us to comply in so many words. CAIR also has its sinewy clutches into various financial institutions, etc.

I suspect, although I cannot prove it right now, that CAIR has a hand in Common Core principles. Certainly at present the American government schools are pro-Islamic and anti-Christian, very important for CAIR.

There was even a Supreme Court case that did not make it through
 Certiorari - in effect, the Islamists won big time in the New York schools because the Supreme Court permitted a lower court ruling favoring the favoritism of Islam in public schools over that of the Christians. Just think about this, folks!


CAIR pressures journalists to cease using the term Islamist because to them it ought not connote and denote what it actually, rightly does. One cannot adequately address and fight against a concept or idea that one is not permitted to name. At best a distortion but the intent is to remove it from the American mind.

When anyone raises the alarm about CC [Common Core] and CAIR, their spokesmen just offer the usual clichés about alarmists and so forth, then provide some soothing talk to allay public fears.

The public, wanting things to just go away as it has too much to deal with as it is, buys it all too many times. We are losing our culture, our Western heritage, our religious rights, our freedoms, one at a time, our very country and so few as yet realize it.

The revolution needs this mindset to succeed. I am determined that this will not happen and there are others, too. Do not let the insurgents against common sense, the ideals of the natural law, and above all the Social Reign of Christ the King maintain their already powerful grip on those in power.

Make no mistake they are after total control and no-choice, not pro-choice. Now Islam does not favor abortion. Once they become dominant I am not certain that their useful idiots - the left - will know how to handle this reality, which they have discarded for the moment - strange bedfellows and all.

Perhaps the Islamics will permit America to continue to abort herself into oblivion and such degradation of immorality that America will cease all together, which suits them I am sure, just so long as they have control of what is left of the finances and infra structure.


Do not be deterred by the politically correct statements, the disarming palaver in the media. What else would you expect from those with such an evil agenda? The truth, an admission? Oh, come on people ...


[Source:; author unknown]


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