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ACT Chapter in Tucson/Marana AZ



By B. Webb

A crime has been committed.


The disappearance of Jamal Khashoqji has dominated the news cycles across the globe, and quickly became one of the world's greatest mysteries.  What, exactly, happened to Khashoqji, and where is he?


We shall start from the standpoint that, initially, no one knew for sure whether Khashoqji had been killed, or had been somehow spirited away for political purposes--both of which are crimes. 


The only piece of factual evidence ever reported (even today) is that he entered the Saudi consulate in Constantinople (Istanbul) but the Saudis were unable to provide video evidence of his departure.


His reason for going to the consulate was allegedly to sign documents and/or pick-up a document divorcing his wife in Saudi Arabia so he could marry his Turkish alleged fiance.


Turkish intelligence and/or media provided a video allegedly showing Khashoqji entering the Saudi consulate.  This was picked up and shown repeatedly by al-Jazeera, and combined with the fact that the Saudis were unable to provide video evidence of his departure led to the belief that Khashoqji had been killed by the Saudis inside of the consulate.  This in turn led to the media-fueled worldwide outrage against Saudi Arabia.




Was it a political murder ordered by the highest level of authority in Saudi Arabia?  Or, was it a "false flag" operation skillfully staged by Turkish intelligence (or some third party) so as to make the world believe it was the Saudis who committed it?  We shall examine the evidence here.


Whenever a crime has been committed, there are three questions you must ask yourself before trying to figure out the "who-done-it."  These three questions are:  Who had the motivation?  Who had the ability/opportunity to commit the crime?  And, who benefited from the crime?


So, we will start from that point.  But, first, here is the list of players that are/were either directly involved, or passively involved (meaning that they will be affected somehow by the aftermath/results of Khashoqji's disappearance and the media blitz generated around it.  So, here are the players, not necessarily in order of importance to the case:


Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, Iran, Israel,  Egypt, the Palestinians, the U.S. Democrat Party (and the media that support them), and the U.S. Republican Party.


Those players who had motivation to commit the crime include Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Iran.


I will save Saudi Arabia's motivation for later in this essay, since it now appears that they are accepting the blame--though with a great deal of whitewashing.  But I have to admit, even though the Saudis have sort of admitted to doing it, I am only 98% convinced that that is the case (or 73.5% convinced, or is it 99.9%).  There are just too many things that don't add up, and the picture keeps changing.  This is because both principals, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have a reputation for absolutely brutal crushing of dissent, and neither can be trusted to tell the truth about anything.  And, mostly because the media in the West to way too eager and quick on the trigger to let Saudi Arabia’s enemy and Turkey’s ally Qatar’s al-Jazeera TV channel dictate the narrative from day one.




To understand the motivations of the other parties (Turkey, Qatar, Muslim Brotherhood, and Iran), one must understand the dynamics of Middle Eastern politics, so a little refresher is due here.


Sunni Saudi Arabia's number one enemy, its greatest fear, is Shi'a Iran.  Its number two enemy is a tie between the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and Turkey (both Sunni entities).  Turkey's ruling AKP party is a clone of the MB, and has the same goals:  To replace all current Arab regimes with Islamist/MB regimes which would then unite with Turkey in a resurrection of the Caliphate in the guise of a neo-Ottoman Empire.  That means that both Turkey and the MB want to overthrow the current Saudi regime and replace it with a MB regime.  Coincidently, the U.S. Democrat Party and its Mainstream Media (MSM) cohorts also want exactly the same thing.


Turkey also holds the distinction of being a long-time historical enemy of the Saudis.  It was the Ottoman empire that booted the Saudi ruling family out of Arabia in the 19th century forcing them into exile in Kuwait.   This is why the Saudis sided with the British in WWI to push the Turks out of Arabia and regain their country.  Remember also, that in Middle Eastern culture grudges and insults are held seemingly for ever.  Thus, the Saudis and the Turks bitterly hate each other regardless of how many smooches they give each other during photo ops.


In the aftermath of WWII, when Turkey had become a westernized, secular democracy, the Saudis picked up the financial support for the Muslim Brotherhood which had previously been supported by the NAZIs.  The MB, by the way, had been formed in Egypt in 1928 for the primary purpose of re-establishing the Caliphate (which the Turks had disbanded in the aftermath of WWI).


However, in the aftermath of 9/11 the Saudis severed their overt ties to the MB, although individual wealthy Saudis continued to support it.  Then, a few years back the Saudis declared the MB to be a terrorist organization and began to undertake measures to cleanse its influence from their country (even though the founding ideology of their country, Wahhabism, is identical to that of the MB).  Under the current regime in Saudi Arabia (which now considers the MB to be a direct threat to their rule) this has included the arrest and torture of known and suspected MB members and supporters.


Before anyone sheds any crocodile tears over the fate of these MB members and sympathizers, remember that the MB has the same goals and ideology as do ISIS, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda.  In fact both Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (founder of ISIS), and the current and former leaders of al-Qaeda, Hamas, and every other Sunni terrorist group on the planet have been members of the MB before graduating on to hard line terrorism.  And, the MB itself has no compunction about engaging in terrorism when they see fit.


Probably another major impetus for the Saudis' hard line stance against the MB (other than its direct threat to their rule) is their increasingly warm relationship with Egypt which has also declared the MB to be a terrorist group and which has a long and painful history with the MB.




Now, this background takes us to the tiny country of Qatar.  Once the Saudis had cut their funding to the MB, Qatar picked it up.  Qatar, along with Turkey, is (are) the primary supports of the MB today.  Qatar also hosts (and owns) the satellite TV channel   

al-jajeera, watched by millions worldwide.  In addition Qatar hosts the MB's current ideological leader Yusuf al-Qaradhawi.  Qatar is also the only country in the world, Muslim or non-Muslim, that host a Taliban diplomatic mission.  Qatar is also a major supporter of the terror group HAMAS.   Qatar also hosted a mosque used as a command-and-control center for ISIS, which was bombed by the U.S. led coalition on the weekend of 20 October 2018.


Because of Qatar's continued support of the MB and other terror groups, Saudi Arabia and its other Gulf Arab allies kicked Qatar out of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), sort of a wannabe Gulf Arab EU.  This has resulted in a virulent "cold" war between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.   Qatar then allied itself with Iran and Turkey, Saudi Arabia's chief traditional enemies, both of whom have a shady history of supporting terrorist groups.


Ever since this break, Qatar's pro-MB TV channel al-jazeera has been broadcasting negative reports about Saudi Arabia almost continuously.  Saudi media outlets have responded in kind.  In this environment Qatar would do anything to embarrass Saudi Arabia, or, if possible, drive a wedge in between Saudi Arabia and America.


Qatar certainly would have the motivation for performing some sort of "false flag" operation to create an international scandal for Saudi Arabia.  They had the motivation, but did they have the capability?



Likewise, Iran would do anything to damage Saudi Arabia and/or drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and America.  But to pull off some sort of a "false flag" operation in a third country like Turkey would require assets that neither they, nor Qatar would likely have.




The MB, like Qatar, had the motivation, but neither Qatar, the MB, or Iran could pull off a "false flag" operation of this sort without at least tacit support of the host country, Turkey.  It is Turkey that thus holds the key to this whole thing.




With this background in mind, we can now begin to unravel all the layers inherent in the disappearance/assassination of Khashoqji.  We can also begin to understand why I, along with many other analysts, originally gave only a 50% chance that it was the Saudis who were responsible for killing him. 


The remaining 50% explanation probability was that Khashoqji had exited the consulate as originally claimed by the Saudis, he was then spirited away by Turkish intelligence figures (and/or MB figures) so that the Turkish regime and state-controlled media, Qatar media, and their allies in the Mainstream Media (MSM) of the West could immediately point the finger at Saudi Arabia, embarrass them, cause them an international scandal, and, most importantly, drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and the United States so as to damage the Trump brand right before the U.S. elections and to scuttle Trump's "deal of the century" to solve the Israeli-Palestinian issue (in which the Saudi's were going to play a major role in terms of throwing tons of money at it and providing at least some Arab diplomatic support).




First, the major losers from the Khashoqji operation (whatever it was) were Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, the Palestinians, and the Trump administration.


Saudi Arabia is now the recipient of international condemnation and probably some sort of boycott by the western nations, including the United States.  Saudi Arabia's position viv-a-vis Iran is now greatly weakened.


Egypt losses because Saudi Arabia has become its major Middle East ally, and its primary financial supporter/investor.   This relationship may become damaged to some extent by the fallout from the Khashoqji incident.


Israel loses because Saudi Arabia was on the verge of recognizing Israel.  Saudi Arabia was going to be a major financier and Arab supporter of Trump's "deal of the century" to settle the Israeli/Palestinian issue.  This, in turn, would have opened the door to the "normalization" of relations between Israel and most of the rest of the Arab world.  Also, should Israel find it necessary to bomb Iranian military and nuclear sites in Iran, they would have to overfly Saudi territory (a permission the Saudis have already secretly granted them).  All of these issues are likely off the table now.


The Palestinians lose because instead of having their issues with Israel solved and tons of money thrown at them from the Saudis and the international community to purchase new homes, infrastructure, etc., they now face years more of wallowing in the hate, lies, corruption, and misery that their leaders in HAMAS and the PLO/FATAH have brought  them.


The Trump administration and the United States lose because Trump's "deal of the century" is now off the table.  That would have been the crowning achievement of Trump's foreign policy.  Should it become necessary for the U.S. to take down the current Iranian regime, they would need Saudi Arabia as an ally (they have recently passed Russia as the #3 power in the world in terms of arms spending), and, they would need Saudi territory as a staging area for launching attacks and a ground invasion of Iran, just as was the case in Bush I's "Desert Swarm" operations against Iraq nearly 3 decades ago, and in Bush II's take down of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003.   All of these issues are now off the table.


The U.S. Republican Party loses because the Trump administration had staked so much of its Middle Eastern foreign policy on Saudi Arabia that its incurring this horrendous scandal right before the U.S. mid-term elections could cost the Republicans control of the House, and the Senate.




Iran obviously wins via any weakening of Saudi Arabia and its alliance with the U.S.  Iran no longer has to worry about a direct attack on its homeland from either Israel or the U.S.  Iran can now likely win its foothold in Yemen--just across Saudi Arabia's southern border.


Qatar is a huge winner because now all the world's attention, and venom, is directed at Saudi Arabia instead of at itself for its support of terrorism.


The MB, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terror groups win because their benefactors (Qatar, Turkey, and Iran) have had their hands strengthened by Saudi Arabia's loss.


The U.S. Democrat Party obviously gains since this scandal has occurred only a month before the U.S. elections.  Some reports have their poll numbers jumping 9 points over the past couple of weeks.  The Democrats and their party-controlled media (NYT, WAPO, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, etc.) have been going full blast on demonizing Saudi Arabia over this scandal, and by extension, the Trump administration for having forged closer relations with Saudi Arabia.  Yes, the Democrats and their MSM are willing to see Israel surrounded by Iran and destroyed, U.S. national security gutted, and Iran and other bad actors become triumphant if it will help them gain power in the upcoming elections.  There is no doubt that the Democrats are trying to use this Saudi scandal as a weapon by which to bring Trump down and get him removed from office--which has been their goal all along.


The other winner is Turkey.  By demonizing Saudi Arabia they can deflect the world's gaze from their own evil deeds.  Bringing Saudi Arabia down, or weakening it, and/or driving a wedge between Saudi Arabia and the U.S., will significantly help Turkey achieve its goal of replacing all current Arab governments with Muslim Brotherhood governments--or so Erdogan hopes.  This would then, in turn, lead to the re-establishment of the Caliphate under Turkish neo-Ottoman suzerainty married to the Arab Muslim Brotherhood.




When we add motivation and capability to who benefits the most, the most logical answer is Turkey.  Turkey would be damaging one of its major competitors in the Middle East and Arab World, and it would be aiding its chief allies of Qatar and the MB while enhancing its own position in the world's eyes.


Now, add to that the fact that all of the "evidence" regarding Khashoqji's murder and Saudi Arabia's role in it came from Turkish intelligence and state-controlled media and it came to resemble a classic case of a "false flag" operation whereby a crime is committed in such a way by one party that all of the suspicion, blame, and prosecution goes against an entirely different party.  The original perpetrator then gets off scot free.




One of the things that has bothered me about this entire episode was that the only "evidence" about the incident came from Turkey, nothing was ever verified by western sources, but the Western media and most politicians accepted every single tale coming out of Turkey and its MB ally Qatar's al-jazeera on face value.  When you add that to the ledgers of winners and loser it became doubly difficult to accept the interpretation that the media was spinning onto this incident.


The glee exhibited by Turkey, al-Jazeera, the U.S. Democrat Party, and its MSM was just too overbearing to not smell a rat lurking in there somewhere.  The media blitz was just too well coordinated and too much "in-your-face" 24/7 to believe that it wasn't planned before hand. 


So, let's examine the "evidence" presented by the Turks:


First, there was no video evidence of Khashoqji leaving the Saudi Consulate.  The Turks and al-jazeera took that immediately as "proof" that Khashoqji had been murdered inside the consulate and began to invent elaborate scenarios as to how it happened.  The western media never questioned that assertion.  Yet, any kid with a cell phone could hack into the CCTV system and shut off pertinent camera(s) until the "false flag" operation was completed.


The day after Khashoqji's "disappearance, residents of a building just behind the Saudi Consulate reported that they had seen Khashoqji depart the Consulate through a back door on that fateful day that he was reported missing.  That report was dropped from the news cycle almost as soon as it had appeared.


Now, three weeks later we hear a report coming from Turkish intelligence again that indeed there really was a man exiting the Consulate back door.  They say he was a "body double" wearing Khashiqi's clothes.  That "double" was apparently seen by numerous people in Istanbul, but has since "disappeared."


Then the Washington Post reported that it had an anonymous leak from the CIA of a phone call where MBS orders the assassination of Khashoqji.  That was laughable at best for a couple of reasons.  The WAPO had been reporting "leaks" from the intel community for the past two years that were designed to damage Trump--only to have the public find out later that many of these "leaks" were simply inventions by the WAPO, or "fake news" as some would say. 


This alleged "leak" smelled like one of those.  It was just a bit too convenient.  Besides, any intelligence figure that would leak highly classified material to a media outlet risks not only losing their job, salary, and retirement, but could end up in prison as happened to Reality Winner and many other individuals who were not highly-placed enough like James Comey and Hillary Clinton were.   So, why risk all of that just for the sake of aiding America's enemies, furthering the expansion of terrorism in the Middle East, and damaging a U.S. alliance?  Is it really worth all that much to elements of the Deep State to damage the Trump brand?


The WAPO contention was eventually replaced by a claim made by Turkish intelligence that they had intercepted the phone call where MBS had ordered the assassination of Khashoqji.  That didn't smell right to me either because if the Turks, or any other intelligence agency, picked up an MBS phone call ordering the assassination of a journalist with U.S. connections, the U.S. intelligence community would most certainly have intercepted the same call.  It would have been made a priority one call, immediately translated and sent to the WH and state department, etc., and a U.S. agent would have contacted Khashoqji and warned him not to go to the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.


But, that did not happen.  Nor was there ever any verification that U.S. intelligence had ever picked up such a call from MBS.  Besides, any order of that nature by MBS would not likely have been issued over the phone.  He would have delivered the order in person, face to face so as to not leave any electronic bits and bytes tracks.


Another laugher the Turks came up with was the "Dick Tracy" Apple watch that Khashoqji allegedly wore when he went into the consulate.  The Turks claimed that Khashoqji's watch recorded the sights and the sounds of his execution and transmitted them to one of the two cell phones allegedly held by his alleged fiance waiting outside the consulate.


Virtually every techie on the planet (including those from Apple) said that the Apple watch simply does not have the range to have allowed a cell phone outside the consulate to record the video and sound of Khashoqji's execution.


Then there were the number of alleged agents who allegedly took part in the execution and dismemberment of Khashoqji.  At first, the Turks said there was only one plane containing 5 agents.  That allegation was later changed to two aircraft carrying 15 agents.

The Turks also claimed that they had searched both planes prior to their departure and found no evidence of Khashoqji or any of his body parts.


So, all of these factors listed above, motivation, capability, and benefits pointed to the Turks.  Their constantly changing narrative, some of which was outlandish, made their culpability look even stronger.  It just had to be a "flash flag" operation conducted by the Turks to embarrass the Saudis, enhance their own position in the Middle East, aide their allies Qatar and the MB--and the U.S. Democrat Party in the upcoming elections.


Yes, that just had to be the answer to the mystery--except that the Saudis kept changing their own story as well.  And, then, they finally came to admit that it was they, after all, who had done it.  However, the Saudi "confessions" came only after U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo paid them a visit.  So, what did Pompeo say to the Saudis?  Did he tell them that U.S. intelligence had absolute proof that the Saudis did it?  And, that they had best better fess up?  Or, did he tell them that even though we still don't know what happened, the massive media blitz and world public opinion had spun so far against the Saudis that some kind a confession and explanation (whether true or not) was needed in order to cool off the media blitz and to save the U.S./Saudi alliance.


But blaming it on an interrogation gone wrong as the Saudis did, did not sit well.  Therefore they changed their story to an attempted extraction gone wrong, and then finally to a fist fight which got out of control.  Each excuse more laughable than the previous one.


So, this now takes us to what motivations the Saudis may have had for pulling a stunt like killing one of their own citizens inside a consulate located in another country.  And, the Saudi motivations take us into the central essence of this entire issue:  Who and what was Jamal Khashoqji?




Saudi Arabia is one of the six countries in the world that have declared the MB to be a terrorist group.  Khashoqji is a life time member, having joined the MB with his best buddy Usama bin Laden when they were both in high school.  That makes Khashoqji a traitor.  What do most countries do with traitors?  Even western countries such as the U.S. used to execute traitors--until the West was seized by the insanity of liberalism as a guiding ideology.


The wonder is not that the Saudis waited until October of 2018 to execute this traitor, but that they were so tolerant of him during the several years that he was pretending to be a journalist in Saudi Arabia itself--while pushing MB ideas onto the population.  What the media misses in this whole equation, is that while the MB (and its members such as Khashiqji) have eschewed violence as the means to power, they retain the same goals, namely a worldwide Caliphate ruled by Shari'a law. 


Khashoqji's and bin Laden's high school dreams were to "establish an Islamic state anywhere.  We believed that the first one would lead to another, and that would have a domino effect which could reverse the history of mankind" (Khashoqji, as quoted by Lawrence Wright in The Looming Tower, p. 78).  Khashoqji and his buddies in the MB internationally still have the same goals. 


The only difference is that these so-called "moderates" believe that they can reach their goals through Democracy.  In other words, their game plan is to win the populace of a country over by teaching them a false, benign version of Islam, whether it be somewhere in the Middle East--or in North America.  Khashoqji and his MB colleagues fear that since America (and other non-Muslim countries) have such overwhelming military power, that any use of violence would be counterproductive and cause America to use its overwhelming military force against them setting the spread of Islam back decades, if not centuries. 


When Khashoqji interviewed Usama bin Laden in the mid 90s in Sudan, and bin Laden told him he thought that the Americans could be driven out of the Arabian peninsula by means of violent attacks, Khashoqji responded with "Usama, this is very dangerous.  It is as if you are declaring war.  You will give the right to the Americans to hunt for you"  (Wright, The Looming Tower, p. 200). 


When liberals read such statements by Khashoqji, or any other MB member, they just shiver with ecstasy thinking that this proves that Khashoqji and the MB are such sweethearts.  "See they are counseling against violence."  But, when anyone who understands Islam, and understands the Muslim Brotherhood, reads such statements we see that Khashoqji never said that it is wrong to physically attack the Americans, only that it would be counterproductive and set back the timetable.


And, this is exactly the reaction that Islamists across the Middle East had when bin Laden pulled the 9/11 stunt.  Though many danced in the streets, the majority thought that this act would do nothing but wake America and the West up, lead to another Crusade and set their conquest of the West back by centuries.  The only difference between Khashoqji and the MB on the one hand, and bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and ISIS on the other hand is the old tortoise and hare equation.


When 9/11 happened, Khashoqji said that the Jews did it, so as to deflect blame from his old buddy.  When Usama bin Laden was killed, Khashoqji has admitted to crying profusely over it.  He didn't cry over 9/11, but he did cry over the death of its architect.


Only when MBS came to power and began a more serious round-up of MB and other extremist types did Khashoqji flee to the waiting arms of naïve America and the America-hating, Jew-hating, fake news WAPO.  Here Khashoqji continued his purveying of MB propaganda, only now more enthusiastically having the fawning support of the West's liberal elites--and without having to look over his shoulder at disapproving Saudi officials.


But, it gets worse, much worse.  Once safely accredited with "political asylum" status in America he formed yet another MB front group (there were already hundreds of them in the U.S.).  This one was called "Democracy for the Arab World Now," or DAWN.  With a title like that how could it not send all of our liberals into paroxysms of ecstasy.  Can't you just visualize all of those chills and shivers running up and down Chris Mathew's leg?


This is a sham because "Democracy" to the Muslim Brotherhood and similar groups is merely a code word for taking over a country.  In other words, as long as they do not possess outright military superiority, their game plan is to take countries over from the inside out--to use "Democracy" as a tool for gaining power, after which they would be free to impose their anti-democratic theocracy upon the subjects. 


As Turkey's pro-MB Erdogan said:  "Democracy is a train.  We will ride that train until it takes us where we want to go, then we will get off that train."


Translation:  Khashoqji's DAWN organization's primary goal is to overturn the current Saudi regime and replace it with a MB regime such as that in Qatar and Turkey.  That made Khashoqji doubly a traitor and a more immediate and direct threat to the current Saudi regime.


But it gets worse, much worse.    


A national security oriented website recently reported on a rumored fantasy shared by an undisclosed number of high-ranking military officers in the Pentagon.  This "fantasy" had the U.S. military taking down the Saudi Regime and setting up a Muslim Brotherhood government in the Hijaz (Islam's holy region consisting of Mecca, Medina, and surrounding areas in western Arabia), while the U.S. takes over the oil fields located mostly in the eastern portion of Arabia.


This "fantasy," BTW, dovetails in perfectly with Turkey's and Khashoqji's goals.  Khashoqji, BTW, as the now de-facto leader of the Saudi branch of the MB, would naturally be appointed as the governor of said region and khadem al-hamain (caretaker of the two holy sites).


However farfetched this "fantasy" is, and without any knowledge of how widespread amongst the Trump-hating "Deep State" it might be, MBS feared that it might become a reality.  That fear might well have been the trigger that caused him to order his agents to take Khashoqji out now.


However, by pulling the trigger exactly one month before the U.S. elections, MBS may have set in motion the very forces he feared might take him out. 




Turkey and the MB are not the only entities that would like to set up a Muslim Brotherhood state in Arabia's Hijaz (and other regions as well).  That was a well-entrenched policy of the Obama administration 2009-2016.  That policy played  huge role in the Obama administration's positions and actions during the so-called Arab Spring where they did succeed in placing an MB regime in power in Egypt for one year, and sort of succeeded in Tunisia.  Then they destroyed Libya and encouraged insurrection in Syria as well.


That policy also resulted in wide spread chaos throughout the Middle East and multiple multi-party civil wars in multiple Arab countries (Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Libya), and the deaths of nearly one million people, the homelessness of millions more, and the "refugee" invasion of Europe.  Yet, the Democrats, the WAPO, and their friends in the "Deep State" still cling to that discredited goal.  Thus, the execution of Khashoqji, and the well-orchestrated media blitz over it, may well lead to Democratic victories in the mid-term elections and the removal of Trump.  The Democrats and Deep State operatives would then be free to implement the above-mentioned "fantasy."




I have in my possession the manifesto of the MB for North America.  This document was composed in 1991, then it was seized in a raid on an MB safe house in Virginia in 2004.  It was translated into English and used in the Holy Land foundation trial of 2008.  This manifesto (or memorandum as the translation calls it) entrusted "the brothers" in North America to engage in "civilizational jihad" to uproot our civil society and culture so as to replace it with shari'a law.  It was essentially a declaration of war against the United States and our constitution, and a threat to impose Islamic rule on both us and Canada.


The Muslim Brotherhood is thus a declared enemy of the United States ever bit as much as Japan and Nazi Germany were during WWII.  Khashoqji was a member and a chief propagandist for the MB.  That made him, too, a declared enemy of the United States having as his goal the eventual displacement of our constitution with Shari'a law (though he would never admit it publicly). 


Coincidently, the Democrat Party, the nation's liberal elites, and entities like the WAPO and NYT also have the goal of replacing the U.S. constitution with some sort of unworkable socialist nonsense (though they too are mostly not ready to admit it publicly). 

What these leftist groups are too stupid to realize is that once they have the U.S. constitution (and the Conservatives who support it) out of the way . . . it is not the "golden age" of Socialism that will be ushered in, it will be Khashoqji's Muslim Brotherhood and Shari'a law.  Islam will wipe the earth with the liberals and leftists.


Khashoqji, in addition to having been Usama bin Laden's best buddy and fellow MB traveler, was also a strong supporter of the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, now called HAMAS, an active terrorist group.  Even the U.S. recognizes HAMAS as a terrorist group.


One of Khashoqji's primary differences with MBS, was the latter's allowing Saudi media the freedom to actually say positive things about Israel once-in-awhile--something almost unheard of in the Arab world.  Khashoqji was horrified at the current Saudi regime's warming of relations with Israel.  But what especially turned Khashoqji's stomach was MBS's secret trip to Israel in the fall of 2017 to discuss a possible solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue, their joint fear of Iran, and other regional issues.  


What MBS and Saudi Arabia deserve, at most, is a wrist slap, maybe some minor penalty, and then business as usual.  This is because Saudi Arabia and MBS are too valuable for America's national security and Israel's survival to allow a phony, hypocritical media blitz bring them down--just as a way to get at Trump on the run-up to elections.




Yes, MBS has used a heavy hand to stifle dissent in his regime under the umbrella of rooting out extremism and corruption.  There are alleged cases of torture being employed in the "Ritz Carlton"-come-prison in Riyadh.  But, in the long range view of things, particularly as it applies to U.S. foreign policy and national security, he has done more good than harm.  


In addition to working towards warmer relations with Israel (including giving Trump a green light to announce the moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem). MBS enacted a number of reforms in an attempt to bring the forbidden kingdom into the 21st century.  This includes granting women the right to drive, allowing the construction and operation of movie theatres, opening the country somewhat to tourism, and even threatening to allow Christian churches to be built in the country for the first time since the prophet Muhammad's seventh century commandment that there should henceforth be no other  religion in Arabia other than Islam (which led to the total ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians from all of Arabia except for isolated patches of Jews in Yemen).


MBS's rapport and friendship with Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner (who is Jewish) was also a trend-breaker.  MBS also seemed to want to divest his country of the hard line Wahhabi beliefs by answering "what's this Wahhabi stuff," when asked by a reporter about his country's religious sect.  As for the concept of jihad, MBS told Egyptian leaders during a 2017 visit to Egypt that "we don't need jihad anymore.  There are mosques and Qur'ans already in every country of the world."  Translation:  Let Allah take care of Allah's work, and let us get on with modernizing and developing our countries. 


This echoes a belief system that Egypt's as-Sisi regime is trying to instill into its populace:  Religion is for one's personal relationship to Allah and spiritual matters, and the state is for everyone's temporal issues. 


Whether or not MBS's and as-Sisi's "moderate" Islam will ever become the real Islam is anyone's guess, but these men should be encouraged in their efforts--even if they do get overly rambunctious in their efforts to root out extremism.




Whether or not MBS actually ordered the execution of Khashoqji, is academic at this point given the extremely shameful actions of the U.S. media over the affair.  CNN, WAPO, and the rest take their marching orders, of course, from MB-supporter QATAR's al-jazeera channel which aired Khashoqji and anti Saudi material almost continuously 24-7 since Khashoqji's disappearance.


Early on in the blitz the head of al-Jazeera's Washington bureau  'Abd ar-Rahim Fuqara' held a love fest with WAPO employees in front of the Post's building so that viewers could see the Washington Post name over the entrance just behind the so-called journalists participating in the love fest.  These typists (can't call them journalist) all took turns on cue shedding their crocodile tears over Khashoqji's fate (yes, this while it still seemed that Turkey was the most logical culprit in a "false flag" operation).  While  castigating MBS and the Saudi's, they used the opportunity (of course) to castigate Trump personally.  Their comments were translated into Arabic by al-Jazeera and blasted across the planet.


It is especially disgusting that the very people who are using the Khashoqji incident against Trump said not a peep when Khashoqji's idol, Turkey's Erdogan, snuffed out so many journalists, military officers, and other suspected dissidents as to make Vladimir Putin look like a church choir boy.  These same self-proclaimed proponents of "free speech" make not a whimper of protest when China exterminates thousands of journalists and free speech advocates.  Instead, they hail the glory of China with democrats and NYT typists (can't call them journalists) declare China to be the best model for us all.


Just days after the Khashoqji murder an errily similar event happened in Venezuela.  A

Venezuelan dissent, Fernando Alban, was arrested at the airport after returning from the U.S. where he gave a speech at the UN denouncing Venezuela's civil rights.  Alban was tortured then thrown off the 10th floor of the police building (Luis Fleischman, in The Center for Security Policy, 22 Oct. 2018).  The media's silence on that incident was deafening.  Could it possibly be because Venezuela is Communist, one of the media's favorite ideologies.  At any rate, Bob Corker, a Trump-hating Republican, visited Venezuela to talk to Maduro about the Alban issue, and came away thinking that his meeting was "very good."


These same people who complain to the entire world that Trump coddles dictators such as Putin and MBS--think that their messiah, Obama, was only showing great statesmanship when he whispered to Medvedev to "tell Putin that I can be more flexible once the elections are over."  This, while Trump has been 10 times tougher on Putin and his cronies than Obama had ever dreamed of being.  Trump has even killed hundreds of Russians in Syria.  Yet, the fake news mavens at the WAPO, NYT, NPR, PBS, and CNN religiously censor those facts from their publics.


Three years ago public prosecutor of Argentina Alberto Nisman was murdered in his home by two individuals on the morning before he was to testify against then Argentinean president Cristina Kirchner.  This case had to do with Iran's blowing up of a pair of Jewish institutes in the 1990s, which Argentina had done a good job of covering up so as to not offend Iran.  Also involved in this case was Obama's pending Iran deal of which a part was Argentina's continued cover-up of the Jewish centers case and an Argentina promise to sell Iran grain in turn for oil.  The murder occurred just a month after a high-level Obama administration figure visited Argentina.  For some strange reason there was nary a whisper about this case from Obama's MSM, much less outrage.


Then there's the case of Jason Rezaian.  Unlike Khashoqji, who was only an occasional contributor to the WAPO, Rezaian was an actual full-time salaried employ.  He was imprisoned by the Iranians and tortured.  His wife was told that her legs would be cut off and her husband thrown off a cliff is she didn't confess (apparently to spying).  While the

Post did issue a mild complaint, there was no media blitz like the Khashoqji case got.  There was no outrage.  Reason?  The Post didn't want to upset Obama's upcoming shameful nuclear deal with Iran.


When Turkey's Erdogan promised to conduct stake-outs and targeting against dissidents in the United States, and even ordered "operations" against opponents on American soil, including kidnappings and Assassinations, there was not one peep out of the MSM, the Democrats, Bob Corker, or any of the others screaming so loud now about Trump and Muhammad bin Salman. 


I say these things not to excuse Muhammad bin Salman.  What he did was reprehensible.  But what is even more reprehensible is the outrageous double standards exhibited by our media and large swaths of our political elites.   So, what is the criterea that we use when determining which political atrocities we will demonize and which we will give a pass to.  All to often, it appears that it is Qatar's al-Jazeera and its U.S. puppets the NYT and the WAPO that dictate to us which atrocious behaviors we are to rally against.


BTW, that applies also to our media's reactions to any and all dust ups between Israel and the Palestinians.  They let al-Jazeera dictate the narrative to them.


If the self-righteous left-wing fools who dominate the media in the West have any serious desire to stamp out evil (they claim a monopoly on the ability to decide who is evil and who isn’t), then they have to learn how to dish out their condemnations in an even handed manner.  Some have claimed that any U.S. failure to crucify Saudi Arabia over the Khashoqji affair will endanger the lives of all Saudi dissident exiles.  Yet, the same individuals have given Turkey’s Erdogan a free pass to publicly threaten to perform “operations” against dissidents on U.S. territory.




But what is really sad, is that far too many Republicans have gotten onto the demonization bandwagon dictated by al-Jazeera, Turkey, and their cohorts in the West (WAPO etc.).  Chief among these (other than the above-mentioned Bob Maduro Corker) is Lindsay Graham--and for good reason.  While Senator Graham had been behaving himself for the past year and a half by supporting Trump's economic policies for the good they have been doing small businesses, America's middle class, and our Black and Hispanic minorities, when it comes to stabbing the country in the back on behalf of radical Islam, Graham never misses an opportunity.


For example, when Michelle Bachmann and several other Republican congresspersons called for an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhoods' penetration of, and influence in, the Obama administration, Lindsay Graham (along with his old buddy John USS Forrestal McCain) competed with their Democratic colleagues in demonizing not the terror group MB, but representative Bachmann.  That effectively squelched any possibility of investigating MB influence over the outrageously corrupt Obama administration.


Then, when the Egyptian populace erupted in protests of 33 million strong against the Obama/Hillary selected MB president Muhammad Mursi and his pro-Iranian and pro-

al-Qaeda policies, who is it that hops on the next possible plane to Cairo to plead with Egypt's military to reinstate Obama's boy Mursi?  None other than Lindsay Graham and John USS Forrestal McCain.  And, so now, we see this disgusting performance by Graham over the MBS vs. Khashoqji incident.  Given a choice between a Muslim reformer/modernizer (no matter how tainted), and a hard line Islamist/jihadist (even more tainted like Erdogan, or the Mullahs of Iran), Graham will always choose the latter.




Here is what the Saudis should have done:  Instead of trying to lie their way out of the incident, they should have come out from the beginning declaring Khashoqji to be a traitor because of his MB support and connections, and that he was an immediate threat to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


And, this brings me to another hidden layer of this entire, bizarre case:  Khashoqji's close relationship with Turkey and Turkey's intelligence service.  While Khashoqji was a "resident" in the United States by virtue of his being granted asylum status, he seemed to spend half his time in Turkey.  He bounced back and forth between Washington and Istanbul.  Along the way he would drop an occasional article off for the fawning liberals inhabiting the Viper Pit called the Washington Post, then off to Turkey he'd go to do a few articles for Turkish publications.


Then there is the matter of his Turkish "fiance."  His family in Saudi Arabia claimed that they had never heard of this "Khadijah" person (spelled Hatice in Turkish).  His oldest son claims to have been with Khashoqji for a couple of weeks in Istanbul prior to his "disappearance" and never met this "Khadijah," nor did he hear anything about her from his father. 


Then, yes, there is the matter of his Turkish "fiance."  I have seen pictures of the wife in Saudi Arabia that he was dumping so he could marry this "Khadijah."  She's very attractive and holds a PhD.  "Khadijah" on the other hand is as ugly as sin.  She looks more like a man wearing a heavy hijab and thick clothing to cover up her lack of figure.   As a guy, I can say that this just does not add up.  There is something very fishy going on here with this relationship.


And, sure enough.  What "Khadijah" lacks in feminine looks she more than makes up for with connections.  She is a part of dictator Erdogan's inner circle.  Khashoqji's best friend in Turkey is also a part of Erdogan's inner circle.  This is key because it circles us back to  Khashoqji's long time association with the MB.  Erdogan's ruling AKP party is a clone of the MB.  They have been working night and day every since the MB was dethroned in Egypt in June of 2013 to bring the current Egyptian regime down and put the MB back in power.  They have also been working night and day to spread fundamentalist and pro-Ottoman, pro-Caliphate propaganda throughout all of the Arab countries through news channels, and more subtly, through clever soap operas they've produced in Arabic aimed at seducing the Arab populace into longing for the Old Ottoman culture and "golden era."


Our beloved Turks, BTW, were early supporters of ISIS and helped it sell its stolen oil on the black markets.  And, they snuff out journalists right and left.  This is the regime that Khashoqji tied his fate to--while complaining about MBS granting too much freedom to the Saudi media.


So, with Khashoqji, the defacto leader of the Saudi branch of the Muslim Brotherhood marrying a probable Turkish intelligence agent and member of Erdogan's inner circle, you have that "marriage" between the MB Arabs and Erdogan's neo-Ottomans which is the worst nightmare of the Saudis, Egyptians, and Israelis.


There are rumors/suspicions that Khashoqji was a double agent working for Turkish intelligence, and the allied MB, using his reputation as a "journalist" for cover.  There are other rumors that he was actually a triple agent working for "Deep State" elements in the CIA, as well as for the MB, and Turkish intelligence.


This may be what spooked MBS and the Saudis and caused them to pull the trigger.  Perhaps they feared that something was afoot given Khashoqji's above connections, and his supposed marriage to the alleged man/woman, and confident of Erdogan the mysterious "Khadijah."


Regarding the accounts of the brutal dismembering of Khashoqji . . . again, we only have the Turkish account for that.  They supposedly have some sort of an audio recording of it, but where did that come from?  They Turks have had three full weeks to manufacture any sort of audio/visual "evidence" they want to, given today's high tech capabilities.


Assuming that the dismemberment is factual, the logical explanation is that the perps would have needed to cut the body up in order to smuggle it out of the consulate in suitcases or garbage sacks for disposal elsewhere.  Some commentators have suggested that the disfigurement and dismemberment of Khashoqji's body stemmed from some sort of ancient tribal "shame and honor" system adhered to by MBS.  In other words, since Khashoqji shamed MBS through his WAPO essays, the only way MBS could restore his honor was to "shame" Khashoqji by having his body disfigured and dismembered.


I have another explanation.  If the latest (as of 26 Oct.) account is correct, that the perps sliced off Khashoqji's fingers, then executed him by lopping off his head . . . this came right out of the Qur'an:


". . . I will cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, so smite the necks and smite of them each finger" (Qur'an 8:12).


Perhaps both the tribal "shame and honor" tradition and the Qur'anic message were understood by the entire Arab Middle East, because all of the Sunni Arab states are sticking with MBS and Saudi Arabia over the Khashoqji issue--including even the Palestinians who, of late, had been taking their marching orders (and money) from Qatar and Iran.


. . . If that is what really happened.  Problem is, we have no evidence for it except for what the Turks have been telling us.




In paraphrasing an old American commercial (I've even forgotten which company), I have to ask "where's the body?"  The #1 fact that everyone is over looking is that until the body is found, we cannot be sure that a murder has been committed.  The Turks have repeatedly lied to us about that.  First they say the body was found "here," and then "there," and then so on.  But each time we learn a few days later that . . . there is no body.  The latest came from Erdogan's own mouth on the 25th of October asking the Saudis "where is the body?"  And, this, after the Turks had been bragging that they had found the body buried in the garden of the Saudi consulate's home.  Really?


We have also learned that we cannot trust any statement coming out of Turkey any more than we can trust any statement coming out of Saudi Arabia.  So, until the body has actually been found, and an American and/or international group not including any Middle Easterners of any nationality has verified that the remains are Khashoqji's based on DNA testing . . . I will remain at least partially skeptical as to his demise.




Had Trump declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization like six other countries have done, and like all serious National Security advisors had recommended, he would not now be in the crisis that the media and the Democrats have placed him over this non-issue.


Shortly after Trump assumed office, the Republican led Congress had placed on his desk a bill to do just that, declare the MB to be a terrorist organization.  Trump wanted to do it. His instincts were right, but he was dissuaded from pulling the trigger by numerous ill-informed advisors, pressure from MB front groups here in the states, and from the king of Jordan who was visiting Trump during the time he was trying to make up his mind.


Had Trump pulled the trigger on the MB and its front groups already active here in the U.S., he (and his State Department) would not have been able to grant Khashoqji "asylum" status in 2017, like they did.  Khashoqji would then have had to spend his time bouncing back and forth between the pro-MB countries of Turkey and Qatar, instead of Turkey and the U.S.  Thus, his assassination by the Saudis would not then have been an American concern, and the WAPO and other Trump-hating media would not have been able to drum up such a misguided hysteria as they have done during this run-up to the 2018 mid-term elections.




At the end of the day, what the media outrage blitz is all about (whether or not it was the Saudis who killed Khashoqji, or a "false flag" engineered by another party) is not human rights, or authoritarian governments snuffing out journalists.  The WAPO, the rest of the MSM, and their al-Jazeera puppet masters have surrendered all credibility on that point from their atrocious double standards on the issue.  No, what this is really about is regime change in Saudi Arabia.  And, this stems originally from the feud between the Saudis and the Qataris.  The Saudis have desired regime change in Qatar for quite some time.  The Khashoqji case gave the Qataris the opportunity to turn the tables on the Saudis and (using their aljazeera platform) get all of world opinion behind the campaign for regime change in the forbidden kingdom.


This regime change would (if realized) entail, at the very least, the removal of Muhammad bin Salman--but possibly also the king himself.  A half a century ago the Saudi royal family deposed their own king Saud (for drunken imcompetance), so there is a precedent for that.  In either case, one could expect MBS's reforms to come to a screeching halt, and they may be even reversed.


The new Saudi Arabia would be a more Islamist and MB-friendly regime--which is exactly what Erdogan's Turkey, and the Leftist media in the U.S. want.


At the end of the day this over-blown media blitz is also about regime change in the United States.  The WAPO, their cohorts in the rest of the MSM, and the Democrat Party (which is the same thing), along with Trump-hating establishment Republicans are the ones who have been shedding the most crocodile tears and screaming the loudest about this case--not only against MBS and Saudi Arabia, but also against Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.  There is no question that the Democrats intend to use this implied Trump support for the assassination of a "journalist" (even though Khashoqji was no journalist in his recent roles) during the last weeks before the elections.  Then, if the Dems win, they will definitely try to impeach Trump and remove him from office.


So, underlying all of this, what this is all about is the international Red-Green alliance, the alliance between the international Left, led by the U.S. media, and Democrat Party, and the Islamists, led by Qatar, al-Jazeera, the MB, and Turkey.  This "intellectual" and propaganda alliance at the upper end is reflected on the lower end by the overt acts of violence perpetrated by groups such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, antifa, and Black Lives Matter.


In closing, I will make a "prophecy" here:  Any U.S. president who does not declare the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization, and keeps America clean of MB front entities such as CAIR, etc. . . . will be burned by this red-green alliance, and will find themselves in much worse trouble than Trump is now getting over the Khashoqji incident.


Let me take that one step further.  If Trump does not declare the MB to be a terrorist organization at the first opportunity (once this Khashoqji thing blows over), then he personally will be burned again even worse, later in his tenure (if he survives the next few months).


Barry Webb is a long time researcher of the Middle East, and the author of "Confessions of an (ex) NSA spy: Why America and its allies are losing the war on terror."  

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