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At first they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--because I wasn't a socialist.  Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out, because I wasn't a trade unionist.  Continue at right...

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October 17,  2018. 

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--Because I was not a jew. Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.  [WikipediaMartin Niemoller (1892-1984)]



Our website is designed to provide readers with meaningful information regarding fundamental radical Islam, Sharia Law, Jihad, Terrorism, CAIR, the  Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and other topics related to national defense.


 For additional information, email the chapter's webmaster at  www.acttucson@aol.com

Chapter Mission Statement


The mission of our chapter is to educate ourselves, and others, about the truth of Islamofascism and Sharia law and the dangers they present to our society. This includes helping to eradicate political correctness and multiculturalism; two “sicknesses” that allows sympathizers to aid and abet radical Islam and Sharia law throughout the country, and who seek to overthrow our freedoms, liberties, and our U.S. Constitution.  [Revised:  12/02/2010]


Our Tucson/Marana AZ chapter is dedicated to following the national guidelines, principles and directives of ACT for America. 


 For additional information, e-mail the chapter's webmaster at  www.acttucson@aol.com

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Our local ACT for America chapter is proud of its professional membership of speakers, directors, and contributors. For additional information, 
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A Few Words about ACT for America,

Our National Organization

ACT for America (ACT) is a national security grassroots advocacy organization.The founder and President of ACT is Ms. Brigitte Gabriel shown at the right on the cover of her latest book "Rise."

ACT is dedicated to protecting the United States of America and the Western values upon which our nation was built. 


ACT is the nation's largest national security grassroots organization with over 1 million members dedicated to keeping America safe and it's citizens secure from all threats foreign and domestic.   

[Source: www.actforamerica.or




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Jihadists,Islamists & Terrorists need Love Too

love is a wonderful thing -- everyone needs to receive and give love, including Islamists, jihadists, pious Muslims and militants. These fellows  are especially "rich" in their love of hate and violence to achieve their expectations, as illustrated below:   

They love violence and war; they love killing kafirs, infidels, and non-believers typically in sadistic ways, such as cutting off victim's heads; etc.;

They love plundering other peoples' property, e
specially their women and children, to enslave them as slaves and sex objects;

They love depriving women of their rights and freedom;  

And they love to marry girls at a very young age.

Much of this love came from Bin Laudin who said that Islamists love death; while infidels, kafirs, and non-believers love life.   [Source:  Dr. L. McCurdy]




“If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.”

[Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR branch. 2013]

"We don’t want to democratize Islam,

we want to Islamize democracy!”

[Imam Abdul Malik of Brooklyn, NY. 2009[


“Most muslim 'refugees' are fleeing chaos created by the violent teachings of their own religion:"  [-Ibrahim]




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Below are Links to articles and news of current interest, with a brief highlight of the respective article. Each article can be


 ACT' s 10th Annual Conference, October 2018.





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CAIR makes out like they are the nicest group of people around; well, when they are with other Muslims, maybe so. And, they believe they are superior to all non-believers (infidels).


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​​Given CAIR’s Islamist heritage, mission, and actions, no public school district should fall for its duplicitous claims of fighting bullying and “Islamophobia.” Its classroom activities endanger America’s future by opening students to indoctrination into a virulently anti-American, anti-Western, and  antisemitic ideology.

Read more, click button above.>

On Aug. 6, 2018, New Mexico radio stations reported a police raid of a terrorist compound in the desert near Taos, New Mexico.  Read more, click button above.

Read about what happens when a society is dumb enough to elect Liberal-Leftist politicians to high office -- Read more, click button above.

Trump's embargoes against Turkey have caused some stutters on Wall Street, but have sent NATO "Ally" (and Muslim Brotherhood ally and clone) Turkey's economy into Free fall -- Read more, click button above.


ACT knows that CAIR, MoveOn.Org, the SPLC, and other liberal media outlets will continue to attack them at every turn because they fear the grassroots machine athat ACT is building-Read more, click button above.

CAIR's accusing Red Lobster of discriminating against Muslims.  CAIR is demanding that Red Lobster employees take sensitivity training to comply with the Sharia tenet that harshly forbids criticism of Islam.

Jihadists invade countries by immigration with nonviolent and violent methods. Then, combined with theats of violence and high birthrates, they sweep host societies out and replace law, religion, politics, and culture with Sharia. Its happened again and again; Read more, click button above.  

​​We infidels and non-believers,
petition all Muslims, moderate or otherwise, and their leaders, to recogize the above-listed issues and adopt principles that are in agreement with those who reject religious supremacy and seek a reformation of Islam, like other socially acceptable 21st Century religions.

Read more, click button above

My (the author's) security clearance was pulled the moment I retired; Why?  because I did not have a specific post-retirement job ready that  required a security clearance.   It makes me ill regarding all these clowns from the Obama admin., who have broken laws as admitted by the DOJ itself, still holding their security clearances after leaving U.S. Gov. service.

Read more.  Click button above.  

A collection of varioues ACT activities bth local chapter, and National conference are showm below.  Read more, Click button above.  

Cummings Foundation grants $100K to CAIR so it can sue American businesses to comply with sharia law.  

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Whenever an Islamic terrorist yells "allahu akbar" when he beheads someone,he is really paying homage to the Sumerian god Enlil, with the meaning that "Enlil is the greatest." 

The attack on the world trade towers impacted many people, including me, very negatively, especially since Islam is promoted as the religion of peace.  What is going on?  

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Should Muslims be coddled? Are they superior to all other faiths? Although they may demand so, the answer is NO. Why? Read more, click button above.

The recently uncovered terrorist cell in Taos, New Mexico made me (the author) think of Deming in the southern part of the state.  Here’s why -- read more, click button above.


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 Brigitte Gabriel, President of ACT for America, recommends that ACT chapter groups focus their efforts on mobilizing the people who are already on our side.  Dr. Carl Goldberg provides some additional suggestions as well. -- read more, click button above.



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