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Latest update: Sept 6, 2017

The purpose of this site is to provide readers with meaningful information regarding radical Islam, Sharia law, Jihad, and the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.  They all believe in using violent and civilizational jihad to replace our society, our culture, and our legal system, including our U.S. Constitution, with sharia law, a fascist political-religious form of government in its quest for worldwide domination under Islam.  

Islam and Human Rights, a Conflict?

The current conflict between Islam and modern human rights illustrates the "challenge" of "modernizing Islam." There is a fundamental conflict between the Koran and any attempt at "modernization" Because the Koran doe not permit any change to its content -- it is believed to be the precise word of Allah, and can't be modified in any way.  This is an illustration of the futility and the impotence of the would-be "modernizers" interviewed in Christine Douglass-Williams' new book, "The Challenge of Modernizing Islam".

[NOTE: "Secularists" are Moslems who don't follow Sharia law. "Islamists" are Moslems who do follow Sharia law. Sharia law does not change merely because some Moslems choose not to follow it. Sharia law remains, and it will be taught and preached in every mosque.] 

[Source: Ideology of Islam, by Ahmed Nadhif, an independent writer and journalist,]



The webmasters of this site make every effort to provide accurate information regarding Islam, Sharia law, Jihad, and The Muslim Brotherhood, etc.  We do not wish harm on anyone nor advocate violence in any form as a means of solution for political and/or public conflicts.



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