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The purpose of this website is to provide readers with meaningful information regarding fundamental radical Islam, Sharia law, Jihad, Terrorism, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood, and other topics related to national defense. 


A word about our local (Tucson/Marana AZ chapter) of ACT National (ACT for short). Our chapter is dedicated to following the guidelines, principles & directives of ACT National.


A word about ACT for America.  ACT for America is a national security grassroots advocacy organization.  It is dedicated to protecting the United States of America and the Western values upon which our nation was built.   [Source: www.ACT for America.org]


Thought for the day:  Freedom, easily lost; must continuously be fought for, to keep it! 


Latest update: August 14, 2018; for additional information, email the webmaster at  www.acttucson@aol.com.




Below are summaries of important,and/or interesting articles of current interest.  The full articles can be read by clicking on the buttons below each summary. 


On Monday, 06 August 2018, New Mexico radio stations began reporting on a police raid of a terrorist compound in the desert near Taos, New Mexico.  National TV networks began reporting on the incident several days later. Read more -- click the button above:


Islamists have a

love-filled life


Islamists have a blessing of love.  They love to war and kill, plunder other peoples'and possessions, especially women and children as slaves and sex objects.  They love to deprive women of their rights and freedom, and love to enslave women and children, and to marry young children at a very young age.  

Jjihadists invade countries by immigration using nonviolent and violent methods.  They encroach upon a country’s freedoms to establish a repressive and fascist form of Islamic (Sharia) law.  What can be done to stop this?  A list of things to use is provided here. Read more -- click the button below:  







Quoted by Dr. Goldberg, an expert on fundamentalist Islamism.


You can rest assured that whenever an Islamic terrorist yells "allahu akbar" when he beheads someone for You Tube, that he is really paying homage to the Sumerian god Enlil, with the meaning that "Enlil is the greatest."  Read more -- click the button above:

First of all the attack on the two world trade towers impacted me very negatively.  Before the attack, I thought Islam was a benign religion like others.  Little did I know!  Now, I have come to see that Islam is an Ideology based upon the writings of a prophet about 1400 years ago.  Read more--click the button above:

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