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Why 9/11/2001?


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This is the major question that overcame me as a result of the attack on the two world trade towers om 09/11/2001.  The attack impacted me very negatively.  Before the attack, I thought Islam was a benign religion like others.  Little did I know!  Now, I have come to see that Islam is an Ideology based upon the writings of a prophet about 1400 years ago,with dreams of conquereing everyone wold-wide under Islam/Sharia, whether they want it or not.  Because of this supremacy ideology, Islam is an existential threat to all non-believers the world over.  


Remember 9/11/2001?  It was a terrible event, instigated by a radical enemy bent on forcing us to accept their radical Islamist beliefs or die.  They are at war with us, our freedoms, our government, our religious beliefs, our schools, our way of life, our entire culture; to replace our law and freedoms with Sharia law.

Radical Islam’s war against infidels has been on-going for over 1400 years, starting when Mohammad used the sword to convert infidels to Islam circa 600AD.  Radical Islam hit America starting in the 16th century when Islamic pirates captured our ships, took US sailors hostage, and demanded huge ransom payments during the “Barbary Wars.”


Islam grows by conversion, immigration, subversion, non-normal demographics, coercion and terror, all leading to Sharia law for everyone, whether they want it or not, and, even worse, the loss of our freedoms guaranteed by the American Constitution.  If left unchecked, Islam is projected to be the dominant religion of the world in five to seven years.  Europe is poised to fall; do not let what is happening there happen here!


First of all the attack on the two world trade towers impacted me very negatively.  Islam is an Ideology based upon the writings of a prophet about 1400 years ago. 


Since that time, I have spent considerable hours studying Islam trying to find out why the 19 terrorists attacked the towers -- who were they?  why did they do it?  What was in it for them?  Who masterminded the attack?  Who financied the attack? 


Throught these studies, I learned that Islam involves both a religious sysem, and a political sysem, and a social system, involving all facets of life under a "Caliphate (Muslim) leader that imposes strict rules uplon the umah (total of all Muslims throughout the world); all subverient to a strict islamic law legal system called Sharia.   


The two primary books of highest important to Islam, are show below; the Quran at the right, and the Reliance of the Traveller at the left.  


Islamic Holy And Legal Books



The Quran at the left, contains the complete legal, religious, military and lifestyle directives "laws" of Islam.

A photograh of the the Quran, at left, is the most estseemed and highest holy book in Islam.  It contains many directives of Islam as a religion, and many additional directives how Muslims are to treat Infidels and others who may "not be  "Islamic" enough.


These laws of Allah, are to be instilled upon everyone in the Umah (all Muslims) to live in "peace" and "harmony" when all infidels are converted and/or living under the laws of Sharia. 

A photogaph of the Reliance of the Traveller (at right), the complete book of Islamic Law (Sharia).  These laws become part of the laws of the land, with criminal retribution if not followed correctly.


 These laws, from Allah, are to be instilled upon everyone in the Umah of all Muslims who will live in "peace" and "harmony" when all non-believers are converted and/or living under the laws of Sharia.  

Further studies led me to learn that a study of Islam involves understanding five different aqspects -- Islam, the most important probably is the notion that Islam is supreme over all else around the world, Jihad, the mechanics of warring with everyone else who is not Muslim, the Quran (Islam's most holy book), the suna, and ________, Sharia law, The Muslim Brotherhood (MB for short), and CAIR (Council of American and Islamic Relations. 


there is a vast watershed of information involved with Islam.  

-- what is it, why did they do it? 






Quoted by Dr. Goldberg, an expert on fundamentalist Islamism.





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