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How September 11, 2001 affected me and what I am doing about it.
Blog Entry, Aug 8, 2018 by Lyle M
First of all the attack on the two world trade towers impacted me very negatively.  Before the attack, I thought Islam was just another benign religion.  Little did I know!  Now, I have come to see that Islam is an Ideology based upon the writings of a prophet about 1400 years ago.  After the attack, a number of questions came to mind -- (1) why did the 19 jihadists attack the towers?  (2) What was in it for them?  (3) Who were they, and where did they come from?  (4) who funded the attack, and why did they do so?

From my studies, I came to understand that there are five major components along with numerous sub-components, all designed to promote Islam and Islamic law (Sharia), over everything and everybody else, either by peaceful conversion to Islam, or by violent methods as needed. I also learned that Islam doesn't allow anyone to leave the religion; if one does he/she is targeted for death as an apostate.

"There are three significant books in Islam.  The most important one is the Koran (Islam's most holy book); The Islamic law book (the Reliance of the Traveller), the Sira, 

In order to answer these questions, I began to read and listen to everything I could, related to Islam -- this included books on Islam, Sharia law, Jihad, and  the Muslim Brotherhood (MB for short). Of course this included the Koran Islam's most holy book), the Reliance of the Traveller (book of Sharia Law), and the the xxx. 

This also included TV and meeting presentations by Ms. Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of a grass-roots organization that was active in educating the public, our political leaders, our educational system, our Military system, and our secred-pservices about the existentialist dangers promoted by fundamental radical Islamism.

She spoke very elloquently about Islam and its threat to the infidels (non-pbelievers).  I bought two of her books ( Because They Hate), and (They Must Be Stopped, Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and how we can do it).  Eventually I joined her organization.   

 In my studies, I lerarned that their are five most significant spear-head aproaches that Islam uses to push itself into a host culture.  These are, (10 Fundamentalist radical Islam, (2) The Koran, (Sharia law, see Reliance of rthe Traveller), and (3) the Muslim Brotherhood (MB for short) I learned that fundamenalist Radical Islam has been "designed" to enter an unsuspecting society by (4) immigration, and population growth (Islam communities tend to grow at a birth rate of about ten to one. 

With this discrepancy in birthrate, the Muslim population will soon overtake the local poopulation and begin to vote in Islamic law (i.e., Sharia, from the Reliance of the Traveler) by violence, and civilizational Jihad, (taking over all social, governmental, military, educational systems, and turning them to their advantage.  One thing that you will soon learn is that everything, and I mean everything is designed to promote Islam over the host civilation and legal systems.  One thing that is most important is that Islamists (Muslims who follow fundamental radical Islam), believe that Islam is superior to all other religions and man-made legal systems, such as the American Constitution.

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