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Can we even Win This War?

According to Islamists this protracted conflict between our civilization and sharia complant Islam will not end until their god ends it. 


However, we can bring about a truce (which Mohamme permited, but truces are valid for ten years).  But it must be on our terms and renewable on our terms again and again not their terms --no way can it be on their terms ever.  We must accept and use our blessings and recognize that this is World War IV in proccess.  Stop the silliness of calling it a war with our us or on terrorism, and trying to deal with it on a self-limiting basis, as though we were dealing with a few criminals.  We in a mortal conflict with an entire culture consisting of about 1.5 billion people.  Ir's a fight to  the death! 

We cannot just end the conflict with Islam because Islam will never ever, reconcile to live peaefully with with us, or to respect us  They just can't do this.  It's against their laws, their dogma, all that Mohammed comands them to do and to be.


The war we are engaged in now is what will determine the earth's future.  As a civilized world  of rights, freedom, opportunity, goodness, charity, and civilzed decency, or one of Islamic oppression? That is a fundamental fact  and truth.

But we can win by using that which God has given us.  We can, should, and must use far greater levels of  ferocity, against the Islamists that they can even imagine. Do this to drive them back to their origins, leaving them too fearful to do anythng against us.  'they are like a pack of feral beasts who, when sensing a weakness will attack, but when confronted with superior power will back off.  We can, and must, impose our will on them, or we will lose. 

Source:  James E Horn, Experiencing Islam, and exposing Corruption (Sharia), James E. Horn, P.O. Box 2335, Menifee, CA, 92586 (originally published as Di Di DawDaw DI, 2009)

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