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Free Societies vs Fascist Islamic States

Free USA Societies

US law guarantees equality for all, including personal freedom, freedom of religion, right to free speech, etc. and no law from external sources. (Not so in Much of Europe, and Fascist Islamic States)


Jihad – Pushing Islam & Sharia on un-believers

Within free societies, many hate-filled liberals (leftists, useful-idiots, Islamists and Jihadists), seek to replace our US Constitution with Sharia, per Allah’s demand that  all Islamic States export Sharia to non-Islamic countries, whether they want it or not.   Thankfully, many of our patriotic citizens know the danger of Islam & Sharia; and seek to tell the truth about hate-filled Sharia, and the hatred that liberals hold for non-believers.


These hate-filled liberals (the true haters) hate the truth speakers, and work to shut them down using jihad, fear of violence, and  labeling  them as bigots, “racists,” and islamophobes, etc.  They use these methods to scare people to accept Sharia into US law.  These liberals want truth speech made illegal. If one is caught telling truth about Islam/Sharia (“hate speech”) he/she may be labelled as a “hater;” and forced to jail, pay a fine; or death.  Note that the “true haters” are the Islamists themselves who force Sharia on non-Muslims by violence or other means.  Truth tellers are not the real haters.

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Islamic Sharia-Based Societies

Sharia-oriented theocratic governments (Islamic States) are hate-based, fascist, tyranical, and believe they are superior to all non-believers. Citizens have few freedoms; live under strict code of law from dress, to food, to marriage, lack of woman’s rights, etc. Non-Muslims are second-class citizens (Kuffar). Kuffars are non-believers and can be killed anytime.  The Islamic state uses harsh punishments to control the population via lies, murder, lack of freedom of speech, hangings, cutting off limbs; beheadings, slavery, etc. The Islamic state exports hate-filled Sharia to  non-Muslim societies by any means necessary, per Allah’s directives to convert the entire world under Sharia. Terrorism is used to force political changes in other societies.








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