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A Calling to Non-Muslims

           A few thoughts about DAWA (DA'WA)

(1) DAWA -- a form of Missionary work for calling non-Muslims to Islam (Reliance a1.5);

(2) RADICAL DAWA -- a form of jihad where young kids are drawn into radical Islam for the sole purpose of radicalization, which leads to extremism, and extremism leads to terror. 

Radical Islam is also a violent (Jihadi) condition for waging jihad against​ non-Muslims (Reliance o9.8)


Practical use of radical DAWA --

  • It provides a tactic of warefare using immigration to invade and conquer a host society over time without violence.


  • Then expand and replace the host culture by encouraging Muslim families (with up to four wives) to have high birthrates.


  • Muslim societies can out-growth a host society and force the host society to extinction!


In Summery, radical DAWA, Immigration with violence; is a dangerous existential threat to all Western Governments.

Western cultures -- watch out!







To view a short 5-minute  video about radical DA'WA, click the white triangle in the picture below.  The video is excellent.  Note:  after watching this video condider watching Clarion's YouTube channel, and all th available videos.   

onsider watching all of Clarion's sets of videos facets DA'WA .  

New from CLARION project -- a short but interesting video describing what the Challenging Radical Islam &, Promoting Hunan Rights, DA'WA, and Radicalized DA'WA are.  


Note:  after watching this video on Clarion's YouTube channel, consider watching all of Clarion's sets of videos, consider watching them all.  They all have a great message about radical DA'WA to see and evauate for your.



[Source:  https://clarionproject.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6f33facd52316b5c258168da6&id=70953a4454&e=f6bec0974b]


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