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ACT Tucson/Marana AZ Chapter



Our chapter consists of people just like you who have a thirst for knowledge about the whos, the whys, and the whats that have, and are happening, to our country in the wake of 9/11/2001. 



Our Board of Directors was formed to provide leadership and guidance, finding speakers, and planning for chapter/board meetings.


Our speakers and contributors hold various college degrees – four Doctorate degrees, more than a dozen Masters degrees, plus Bachelor degrees.  We also have two individuals with more than half a century each of professional intelligence and counter-terrorism experience who bring us up-to-date on local and world events regarding Islam. Our speakers talk  about Jihad, Sharia Law, The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) etc., and how Islam plans to subject the entire Earth under a theocratic-dictatorship's rule of Sharia law.


We are well read on these subjects, and have researched hundreds of papers, documents and books relating to Islam. Among us are also authors who write about Islam and Sharia Law and how these ideologies may affect our country. 


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